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The .xyz community is home to unique web3 platforms making innovative use of blockchain technology. San Francisco-based payments processing platform aims to help creators accept payment for NFTs using credit cards and cross-chain cryptocurrency. Music-focused platform helps fans to collect and display music collectibles as digital assets. Alternative asset platform features a marketplace for buying and selling collectible trading cards, as well as a safe place to store them. In this week’s #BlockchainThursday, we’ll introduce you to a forward-thinking ticketing platform that features the options of purchasing, selling, and exchanging NFT plane tickets:

image of the website homepage, with a form to purchase a flight is a web3 ticketing platform from Argentine airline Flybondi. The airline has partnered with blockchain technology company TravelX to develop their innovative ticketing platform. helps buyers purchase tickets as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which they have named “NFTickets.” Customers can pay for their tickets through cryptocurrency payment system Binance Pay, using USD Coin (USDC) cryptocurrency to complete the transaction. aims to support additional crypto stablecoins in the future to provide more possibilities to customers.

Tweet by @marian2js that says: I just bought my first flight ticket as an NFT, thanks to @travelxyz_ fire emoji

You can search for international and domestic flights on by inputting your preferred dates of travel, desired location, and the total number of passengers. lets you reserve your desired flight without the need for immediate payment. The platform will lock the price in place so you can pay up to 72 hours later.’s tokenized tickets have greater functionality than standard tickets. NFTicket holders will be able to sell or transfer the NFTs to other travelers up to three days before the applicable flight. You can use to transfer your NFTicket to whomever you want without penalty. This feature allows for greater flexibility and can help ease the stress from sudden changes of plans. Ticket holders can also use to resell or auction their NFTickets. By reselling or auctioning your NFTickets, you can potentially recoup your expenses and even make a profit. These features can provide greater flexibility for travelers without the risks associated when purchasing tickets well in advance. Be sure to check out the Auction page to view all available auctions. You may just find a travel opportunity too good to pass up. customer marpar.eth shared excitement about booking their first NFT plane ticket in a tweet: “I just bought by first flight ticket as an NFT, thanks to @travelxyz_” includes a Help Center link, which can help customers easily find answers to their questions and give them a better understanding of this unique service. You can learn more about the benefits of providing helpful resources in our latest Quarterly Report. We are proud to have innovative platforms like defining the .xyz community, and look forward to seeing how their services evolve. You can learn more by following the platform on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and by visiting

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