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It’s important for brands to promote their philosophy in a way that will resonate with viewers. The winning combination of a catchy domain name, a bright website design, a clear mission, and adorable products can ensure your website is not only seen, but makes your viewers smile. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, you’ll learn how a children’s clothing label in Spain donates a portion of their proceeds to charity and opts for a bold yet minimalistic website design in harmony with their merchandise:

A catchy domain that makes you smile is the online home of Unsmile, a unique Spanish childrenswear brand. Unsmile makes cool t-shirts with a minimal design and complex message to invite creation. They encourage viewers to “put on our shirt and make the world something different.” Their name stems from a delightful philosophy: Cherish the smile of children, and even the “unsmile,” because without it the smile itself cannot be fully appreciated. This is akin to the belief that without the rain, there can be no rainbow. Or without sadness, happiness wouldn’t be as wonderful. This meaningful mission, fully explored on the Manifesto page, can entice viewers to further explore the site.

Adorable products to add to your cart

Simplicity applies to more than the designs of’s website and clothing. Their merchandise selection, found on the Shop tab of the main menu, is considerably light yet each piece boldly promotes the brand’s message. There are a few children’s t-shirts, a tank top, and even a small handbag featuring precious frowny faces and simple phrases like “how do you want to smile at the world?” and, “let’s be serious let’s smile.” Each item welcomes the viewer to click again to see more of the features and specifications, and allows size selection before adding the item to your shopping cart.

A clear mission to help others

There are two very special features that make’s shopping experience unique. Firstly, their core piece, the Zero T-Shirt Unsmile Pack, comes with a special fabric marker for children to personalize their new t-shirt. And second, in the description of each item, the website states that 1 Euro for every item purchased is donated to the CurArte Foundation and will go towards hospitalized children and their families. The CurArte Foundation, established in 2006, has three main objectives: Contribute to changing the culture of care and attention for hospitalized children and adolescents, promote the humanization of hospital care, and work on a tailor-made project for each hospital based on their needs. Creating a cooperative relationship between your brand and a compassionate charity like The CurArte Foundation is a fantastic initiative, and being sure to promote this type of initiative on your website will better inform your customers of your interest in helping others in need.

A bright website design to foster happiness‘s homepage contains imagery of children wearing the brand’s T-shirts as well as various “unsmiles” on their faces. Each section of the homepage is filled with text blurbs such as: “(De)revolution of the child’s smile that vindicates things and causes that do not produce laughter,” “what shirt do you wear and why,” and “unsmile intervenes on reality,” providing an artistic and creative illustration of the brand and it’s vibe. And of course, you can’t help but notice their extremely large, animated, sad face emoticon logo. The whimsical, winking image evokes a vibe of youthful innocence that fosters happiness and joy.

Brands can make a strong impression with customers by promoting their products and their philosophy with a clear and easy to navigate website. sells children’s clothing and shares a portion of all sales with an organization that helps the families of hospitalized children. Their website features bright backgrounds, easy navigation, and charming products. These features paired with the philanthropic initiatives of the brand can help to resonate with viewers and leave a lasting impression. Take a look at their adorable options for yourself. can also be found on Facebook and Instagram

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