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In today’s world, we have grown accustomed to the advent of digital screens. Whether it’s a billboard, ad at a bus stop, or even to check the time, chances are that you are looking at an electronic screen to get your information. This week’s #WebsiteWednesday is a German design firm and Red Dot award winner that is blending modern technologies with vintage looks to create something new.


Vierkant recently upgraded their domain from to, shortening their web address to a more memorable one, while also ensuring that their designs reach a global audience. Vierkant, which means ‘square’ or ‘rectangle’ in German, is a design firm that specializes in recreating classic looks while still incorporating today’s tech into their timepieces.

Vierkant’s flagship design is the Fallblatt CGN (meaning Split Flap Cologne-Bonn), which won them the prestigious Red Dot design award in 2016, beating out a record 5,200 submissions from 57 countries. To build the Fallblatt CGN, Vierkant utilized pieces of the decommissioned flip-board at the Cologne-Bonn (CGN) airport. They then put these pieces into a corian housing, and integrated the whole unit with Outlook calendars. The final result is a unique display that’s programmable through a computer or smartphone to reveal custom messages or events.

Other products by Vierkant include the Kantuhr (Square Clock) and Blockuhr (Cubicle Clock), which are elegantly simple clocks in exactly the shape you’d expect. Both are made from authentic train station clocks, which are then restored while keeping as many original parts as possible. The history alone of these timepieces is quite impressive!

“Vierkant is becoming the brand for the combination of modern technology, good design and historic components. The XYZ in for us stands for the three coordinates in space, that we often use as designers and engineers as we make our drawings.” – George Moser, CEO of

Vierkant is just another example of the innovation taking place across .xyz domains. Not only is Vierkant looking towards the future, but they are using the charm of the past to help shape it.

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