To celebrate the Chinese New Year for one of our most important markets, we have started a new blog series to honor our loyal supporters in China. Scroll down to read the full post in English.


最近我们在微博上看到很多朋友在讨论 “你的梦想是什么?“ 这礼拜,我们想与大家分享下XYZ的梦想并且展示一些.xyz支持者是如何用.xyz来实现他们梦想的。

我们的梦想是培育一批全球新一代互联网社区,给未来者的你们 -不管是个人还是企业,不管你在哪里,年龄,地区,兴趣,都可以拥有一个.xyz网站。

上个礼拜,我们展示了一些科技技术公司的网站。这礼拜,我们来分享一些个人和小型企业的.xyz网站的创意。我们来看看他们是如何用.xyz 来显示他们的夢想和表達他們的激情。一个我们很喜欢的旅游博客。 TK是一名旅游者。他出生曼谷泰国,现在在圣地亚哥做电路设计师。TK的梦想是什么?看上去他很爱带着他的照相机环游世界, 纪录一些他所去过的地方。通过他的相片里,几乎你可以感觉到你与他一起享受他所去过的地方。哦,他也还会在他的博客里谈谈他喜爱的一些小玩意. 快来看看他是如何展示他对旅行的梦想吧!


另外一个很棒的网站是这是一个粉丝建立的网站。这个粉丝为了尊重英国一个乐队叫WARNINGS. 当WARNINGS分开的时候,这个粉丝的梦想就是建立一个网站向人们展示他所爱的歌曲和他听这这些音乐走过来的感受。如果你是个音乐爱好者,来听听WARNINGS的歌曲吧!

whenthelightsgodown 是一位南东亚洲独立摄影师。从他的网站上,你可以看到他的热情是摄影,而他的梦想便是用创意和技巧去捕捉生命中的每一刻。他想用他的照片说故事,也希望能帮每个人从照片中讲述他们想说的故事。来探索他的美丽的摄影吧,希望能启发你去实现你的梦想!


我们的梦想是想要帮助别人显示他们的梦想。这也就是为什么我们如此期待能够立刻完成备案,帮助你们建站。随着我们的等待,我们以等不急想要推广我们中国朋友们的酷网站了!我们希望以上的这些网站会启发你们去追求你的梦想,而一起,我们帮助你们来实现你的梦想。不知道从什么地方开始?先来看看我们的注册商伙伴注册一个.xyz的域名吧。然后来加下我们的 微博 跟我们聊聊您的新网站计划吧! logo width= logo logo

What is your dream?

Recently we’ve seen many messages on Weibo asking the question, “What is your dream?” This week we want to talk to everyone about our dream here at XYZ and also show you some of the dreams of our .xyz users.

Our dream is to cultivate the global Generation XYZ community where users have the choice, flexibility, and affordability to connect online and reset the Internet.

Last week, we showcased several use cases from tech companies that we thought were really cool. This week we want to highlight individuals and small companies around the world that are also using .xyz in creative and beautiful ways. These individual users are expressing their dreams and passions with a .xyz domain.

One of our favorite websites is TK is a travel blogger who was born in Bangkok, Thailand but now works as a circuit designer in San Diego, CA. What’s TK’s dream? Well, it seems like he loves traveling around the world with his camera and writing about all the places he’s been. It almost feels like you are traveling with him through his photos. Oh, and he also loves to squeeze in some gadget talk here and there in his blogs. Check out how he’s showing off his dream of traveling through his pictures and blog!
Another awesome site is It was set up by a true fan whose dream was to honor the UK-based band, WARNINGS. After WARNINGS disbanded, this fan created a website to showcase the songs he loved and the feelings that came along with listening to music. If you are a music lover, you should check out this website!
whenthelightsgodown, was started by an independent photographer in Southeast Asia. It’s obvious to see when you visit this site that his passion is photography and his dream is to capture every moment of his life with creativity and craftsmanship. You can see that he strives to not only hone his skills but also to improve his photography each and every day. He wants to use his photos to tell a story with the hope that he can help the people around him to tell their stories through pictures too. Explore his beautiful photography and let it inspire you!
Team XYZ believes that dreams can come true if you put enough effort and passion into them, which is why we are so passionate about working with our friends in China to help them build their dreams. We love showing off the websites of small businesses and individuals pursuing their dreams through a .xyz website. As we move forward with accreditation, we can’t wait to promote some of the cool Chinese sites we will see! We hope these sites will inspire you to pursue your dream, and together, we can help you to fulfill it. Not sure where to start? Visit one of our registrar partners below to get your .xyz domain on sale now. Then add us on Weibo and tell us what your plans are for your new site! logo width= logo logo

XYZ is proud to share about the many incredible members that make up the XYZ community! We encourage you to do your own research before using the products and services of the websites we feature. The information about products and services contained in this blog post does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by XYZ.

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