In celebration of the 10th anniversary of .xyz, we’re thrilled to showcase how .xyz provides an ideal digital home for innovative ventures at the forefront of blockchain and cryptocurrency innovation. From pioneering NFT-focused studios to decentralized publishing platforms, these projects exemplify the versatility and forward-thinking spirit of .xyz domains. In this week’s #BlockchainThursday, we revisit three visionary projects on .xyz domains that are redefining possibilities within the web3 space.

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FOX technology R&D arm introduces new measure to track and confirm how their content is being used online

BCL.xyzGoDaddy customer – (United States) is the online home for FOX Corporation’s groundbreaking web3-focused technology research and development arm, Blockchain Creative Labs. FOX established this Los Angeles-based studio to empower content creators, Intellectual Property owners, and advertising partners with innovative tools and solutions tailored for NFT-related content and experiences. With its roots deeply embedded in the blockchain space, Blockchain Creative Lab leads the charge in reshaping the entertainment landscape through its strategic investments and transformative projects. One of Blockchain Creative Labs’ most notable endeavors is the creation of “Dollyverse,” a pioneering web3 experience in collaboration with global superstar Dolly Parton. Launched at the esteemed South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in March 2022, “Dollyverse” hosted a collection of official and certified Dolly NFT collectibles, marking a significant step forward in leveraging NFTs within the entertainment industry. This innovative project not only showcases Blockchain Creative Labs’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of digital entertainment but also highlights its ability to collaborate with iconic figures to create immersive web3 experiences.

In January 2024, the brand publicly introduced Verify, a blockchain platform designed to empower media companies in tracking their content’s online usage. 1Developed in collaboration with Polygon Labs, Verify offers a distributed internet database for media content, cryptographically signed to establish its origin and history. FOX plans to leverage the Verify Protocol to negotiate licensing deals for its vast array of intellectual property across FOX News, FOX Sports, and FOX Entertainment, providing them with unprecedented leverage in negotiations with AI companies. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, FOX and Blockchain Creative Labs are leading transformative initiatives that stand to reshape the intersection of entertainment and blockchain technology. You can learn more about the Blockchain Creative Labs by following on X/Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and visiting

Blockchain publishing platform shifts focus to web3 social app after acquisition

Mirror.xyzNamecheap customer – (United States), first showcased on our blog in June 2021, is the online home of Mirror, a decentralized blockchain and crypto-based publishing platform aiming to connect creators directly with their audience. Built on Ethereum, Mirror aims to provide writers with a platform to confidently publish their work while maintaining control of digital rights. Writers tokenize their essays, allowing readers to purchase shares in future projects and enabling the creation of NFTs for each published piece. Mirror’s innovative approach to digital publishing garnered significant attention, with notable users including renowned venture capitalist Fred Wilson and Linda Xie, former product manager of crypto exchange Coinbase, contributing to its growth and credibility. Through initiatives like the weekly writing challenge and community-driven growth experiments, Mirror fosters a vibrant and engaged community of creators and readers alike.

In a recent development from May 2024, Mirror has been acquired by competing platform Paragraph, marking a significant shift in the web3 creator space. 2Despite the acquisition, Mirror’s team will operate independently and focus on developing “Kiosk,” a web3 social app that integrates blockchain and e-commerce. The acquisition, proposed by Union Square Ventures, reflects the growing importance of decentralized social media platforms. “Kiosk” aims to revolutionize social media by seamlessly integrating digital assets into posts, enhancing user experience and accessibility. As Mirror’s team continues to innovate in the web3 space, the acquisition by Paragraph signifies a new chapter in the platform’s journey towards shaping the future of digital publishing and social interaction. You can learn more by following the platform on X/Twitter or by visiting

Web3 publishing platform secures another substantial funding round and acquires

Paragraph.xyzGoDaddy customer – (United States) is the online home of Paragraph, a web3-native publishing platform designed to assist creators in publishing blogs and newsletters for virtual communities. Founded with a focus on merging web3 and web2 functionalities, Paragraph aims to empower creators to leverage blockchain tools for content creation, distribution, and monetization. Notable features include the ability to develop communities around newsletters by offering NFT memberships, mint special edition NFTs for readers, and integrate with web3 social networks like In October 2022, Paragraph closed a $1.7 million pre-seed funding round led by investment firm Lemniscap, accelerating product development and user acquisition efforts.3

The platform’s fundraising success didn’t stop there. In May 2024, Paragraph secured a $5 million funding round, with Coinbase Ventures and Union Square Ventures leading the investment. This significant capital infusion helps Paragraph accelerate its growth and further develop its web3 publishing platform. Additionally, Paragraph acquired, assuming stewardship of its product, design system, and brand. With Paragraph’s acquisition, Mirror’s legacy continues, as founder Colin Armstrong leads Paragraph towards a future where on-chain technology becomes the standard for content creators worldwide. In December 2022, for our first feature about Paragraph, Colin spoke with us about choosing to develop on .xyz. He explained,

“For web3 startups, xyz is an obvious TLD domain name choice. It’s forward-thinking, it symbolizes decentralization, and it’s easily recognizable as web3 by a growing global audience.”

Despite the acquisition, writers and publishers using Mirror and Paragraph are not expected to experience any immediate changes, maintaining access to existing publishing tools and preserving content integrity. 4You can learn more about Paragraph by joining the Discord, following the platform on X/Twitter @paragraph_xyz, and by visiting

These .xyz projects exemplify the diverse range of innovative initiatives driving the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency. .XYZ continues to be aligned with groundbreaking advancements in the crypto space. As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of .xyz, we look forward to witnessing the continued evolution and impact of these visionary projects in the .xyz community.


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