As we continue celebrating the 10th anniversary of .xyz, we highlight .xyz as a versatile platform for hosting innovative 3D design and virtual experiences. .XYZ is home to a diverse range of creators and businesses harnessing the latest in 3D technology, revolutionizing how we interact with digital spaces. From designing customizable 3D environments to transforming everyday media into immersive experiences and pioneering new artistic methods in 3D printing, the .xyz community is full of pioneers who are pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll explore how three visionary members of the .xyz community are leveraging 3D design, VR, and AR to create unique and impactful experiences.

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3D design platform debuts Rooms 2.1

Rooms.xyzVercel customer – (United States) is a browser-based tool designed for creating and customizing 3D spaces. The platform offers a unique blend of simplicity and versatility, allowing users to design rooms, basic games, and interactive activities through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Co-founded by Jason Toff, a former partner in Google’s Area 120 incubator, aims to bridge the gap between simple creation platforms like Minecraft and more advanced ones like Roblox. The vision behind is to offer a user-friendly experience akin to a “digital equivalent of LEGO,” empowering users of all ages to express their creativity. With $10 million in seed funding1 led by Andreessen Horowitz’s a16z Crypto division, aims to reshape the 3D design space.

While working at Google’s AR/VR division, Jason contributed to projects like AR/VR app builder Poly and 3D modeling tool Blocks. The experience contributed to his inspiration for  We spoke with Jason about the choice to build on .xyz. As he explained, “The decision was based on a combination of factors. One, it resonated with us because of its simplicity, just like the alphabet with ABC and XYZ. Secondly, the .xyz extension perfectly aligns with our product, which operates in the 3D space, where each element has x, y, and z coordinates. And, opting for .xyz provided us with a wider range of options and a clearer namespace.”

In an update on April 4, 2024, introduced a Trending feed and over a dozen new categories, such as “Games,” “Art,” and “Fantasy,” to highlight popular creators and diverse creative expressions. The addition of algorithm-driven feeds and a new Explore page has made discovery more dynamic, offering users fresh ways to connect and share. The innovative “Honeycomb View” enhances browsing, providing a unique hexagonal layout for exploring content. A notable update as of May 27, 2024 is the debut of Rooms 2.1, which introduces new features such as the ability to “lock” items to avoid accidental movement, enhanced search capabilities in the Thing Library, and support for non-Latin alphabets like Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. These updates, along with improved ambient occlusion, better auto-recovery, and bug fixes, continue to foster a connected and engaged online community, emphasizing collaborative creativity and shared learning experiences. You can learn more by following along on X/Twitter and visiting

Immersive 3D headset turns content into visually engaging experiences

Elsewhere.xyzGoDaddy customer – (United States) is revolutionizing the way we experience virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) by making these technologies more affordable and accessible. Created by former Mozilla executive Aza Raskin, offers 3D glasses designed to work seamlessly with an iPhone to generate stunning 3D videos. The accompanying app uses Elsewhere’s patented algorithm to extrapolate depth data from traditional media, transforming ordinary photos and videos into immersive 3D experiences. This innovative technology helps users to view streaming sites, recorded videos, and even live video through their iPhone’s camera in real-time 3D. The glasses and app combination is designed to turn any content into a visually engaging experience, making details pop and adding a new dimension to everyday media.

Since its launch, has garnered significant media attention, with coverage in Wired2 and The Verge3, highlighting its unique approach to VR and AR. The platform’s latest updates continue to enhance user experience, offering features like adjustable contrast and zoom to customize the depth effect, making it feel either like a full VR environment or a more subtle 3D view. This user-friendly approach, described as a modern stereoscope, makes an exciting tool for anyone looking to explore 3D content without the high costs associated with traditional VR systems. Whether you’re turning your camera roll into 3D dioramas or viewing live video in a new light, strives to deliver a rich and fun experience. You can learn more by visiting

Specialized 3D printing company expands their repertoire with iron works

Form.xyzHover customer – (United States)

First featured in our #WebsiteWednesday blog series in August 2019, was founded by classically trained sculptor Rob Arps and has since established itself as a specialized 3D printing company offering an extensive range of services. These services include 3D scanning, 3D sculpting, CNC milling for larger projects, and 3D printing. distinguishes itself through the artistic expertise of its team, which combines traditional sculpting techniques with modern technology to create ultra-realistic masterpieces. After commissioning a project, employs dimensional forms, or scaled versions, to shape and design the print by hand before scanning and designing it on the computer for 3D printing. This meticulous process ensures that each creation, whether a life-size statue or an intricately designed bust, is a true work of art.

In April 2023, attended the National Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art and Practices (NCCCIAP) at the Historic Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham, Alabama. This event marked’s first foray into iron casting, expanding their repertoire beyond their usual bronze works. Max Rawlings, an associate at, shared their skills in pattern making and 3D printing with the iron community. At the conference, they successfully cast their first iron piece—a replica of an antique Tractor Toolbox Lid for a client—using a detailed process involving 3D scanning, wax infusion, ceramic shell molding, and high-temperature firing. This experience not only broadened their technical skills but also connected them with artists and professionals worldwide, highlighting the future potential of cast iron as an artistic medium. is excited to integrate these techniques into their offerings, continuing to push the boundaries of art and technology in 3D printing. You can learn more by visiting

Through platforms like,, and, the .xyz community showcases the limitless potential of 3D technology and its applications. These pioneering projects highlight how .xyz domains foster an environment for innovation, helping creators bring their visions to life and redefine digital interactions.


XYZ is proud to share about the many incredible members that make up the XYZ community! We encourage you to do your own research before using the products and services of the websites we feature. The information about products and services contained in this blog post does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by XYZ.

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