Greetings, #GenXYZ! With all the new side projects we’ve got in the works, we thought it was high-time for an update. First off, we’re pleased to announce the new, created specifically for you. Now you can peruse XYZ.COM for our blog, information and media pages AND for fun social stuff.

Speaking of stuff, remember those awesome t-shirts we mentioned in our last blog? Ask and you shall receive. Our brand new store is open and ready for business. Head on over to XYZ.COM/store to purchase your very own .xyz or .College merch. If you’re on the look-out for some free swag, keep an eye on Elliot’s Blog for our upcoming contest. Some very lucky #GenXYZers will be taking home .xyz t-shirts of their choice.

We’re also psyched that .xyz is still dominating the headlines. Our backend registry partner CentralNic had nothing but glowing remarks for .xyz in their latest interview with Directors Talk. In fact, CentralNic CEO Ben Crawford even refers to us as the next .com. That’s high praise. Check out the Q&A here.

But that’s not all! Some new press with our Founder and fearless leader Daniel Negari are scheduled to be released in the next few days, including a juicy video interview on DomainSherpa. Stay tuned for more updates.

That’s it for now, folks. Once you’re done checking out the latest and greatest in .xyz news, drop us a line on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and let us know what you think!

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