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Food delivery has become a staple of the new normal. Thanks to autonomous delivery robots like the ones from, customers in select U.S. college campuses and European Union countries can get their groceries and food delivered without having to worry about interacting with a person at all. Thanks to their popularity and helpfulness, these self-driving delivery robots are starting to make their way into new markets. Customers looking to safely order food and other goods in China while isolating can try this service for themselves with this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, is a Beijing-based tech company that builds and produces the first and only team of self-driving delivery vehicles in China. The team says they use a mix of advanced technologies, hardware research and development, and a customer-focused business operations strategy to create the delivery robots. The company’s goal is to compete with other unmanned delivery vehicles already in use in other countries.

The design of’s vehicle is an important part of their business model. highlights the compact and “cute” design of their robots as a key step in getting customers to use them to make purchases. also points out that each vehicle is lightweight, compact, and built to be self-sufficient. The company claims each robot can cover a distance of up to 1 kilometer on its own, while also scaling curbs and navigating crowded public squares. programs each vehicle to complete sales to customers independently by circulating along a set route and solicits customers while it roams. Customers can purchase products from the vehicle and pay with it as well.

Getting around the outside world is a primary challenge for delivery robots. To pass this test, builds each vehicle with slip-free tires. Their website explains the goal of this design is to prepare the robots to cruise down flat roads while also being ready to transition to climbing up steps, slopes, and other tough terrain. says the shell of each vehicle can withstand rain and other bad weather, as well. Their site also features a video showing that each vehicle has a “self-driving brain” which contains its anti-collision safety devices and environment recognition tools.’s CEO, Lin Peisen, founded the company after accumulating years of technology and operations experience. He has specific interests in artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, and seeing the future of the “unmanned economy,” and the robots are at the intersection of all three. Lin’s intention for is to create a new retail system that uses technological innovation to solve the cost problems of the current retail industry.

The company has continued to grow since its recent launch in 2018, and Lin says they have secured more than 300 orders for their robots already. He expects the company to deploy more than 1,000 of its machines in 2020. has also worked with fast-moving Chinese consumer brands like Nongfu Spring and Master Kong, and launched logistics platforms in Japan and South Korea in the hope of future expansion into these markets.

The next great ideas in tech come from creative minds putting their passion toward solving common problems. has big plans to establish themselves as a market leader while keeping their focus on making retail faster and easier. Do you have a solution you’ve been dreaming of turning into your next startup? Bring it to life by putting it online with your own .xyz domain!

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