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The simultaneous rise of E-commerce and social media have made starting your own business seem more attainable than ever. While it may feel like all you need is a good idea and a website to get your product or service into the hands of customers, most entrepreneurs will tell you that it’s a bit more complex than that. As a small business owner, you would be faced with questions like: How do I get financial investors? What should be the most important components of my brand identity? And, how do I keep my cool every step along the way? This week’s #WebsiteWednesday,, answers these important questions and more., short for Zen of Wu Wei, is an online resource for creating and growing new businesses ventures. With articles covering topics like management, marketing, and raising venture capital, is meant to serve as an entrepreneur’s handbook. Founder Thomas Ridelli, a career business strategist and creative innovator, started when he recognized a need for “a simple, uniform and structured online resource for entrepreneurs to get the basic information they need to make informed and impactful decisions.”

Named after the Buddhist philosophical school of thought, Zen, plus the Taoist principle based on natural world alignment, Wu Wei, Zen of Wu Wei delivers information that is usually purely analytical in a spiritual light. Ridelli believes that the teachings of these two philosophies will help entrepreneurs master business skills and better cope with the obstacles they will face along the way. Along with articles on growth hacking and cash v. accrual accounting, readers can learn tips about dealing with work isolation and loneliness from ancient philosophical teachings.

Head to to learn how to start a business by reading the articles based on the order found on the Where To Start page, and follow along on all things Zen of Wu Wei with their memorably branded Twitter, @zenwwxyz. Then once you’re ready, launch your big idea on your own xyz domain!

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