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From all of us at XYZ, we hope you had a great Thanksgiving. We have a lot to be thankful for ourselves – in the past month alone, we:

We’re also thankful to be able to attend a ton of exciting events to spread awareness about .xyz around the world, which we’ve documented in our monthly event recap blog series.

Now, after thanks have been given and all the turkey has been consumed, there’s only one thing left to do… shop the best Black Friday sales on .xyz domains!

This year our registrar partners are back again with irresistible deals on .xyz domains for as low as $0.50! Thinking about getting a website for your business? Get or now for less than a bottle of water. Looking for unique gifts for friends and family this holiday season? Give them something they can keep forever, their The possibilities you have with .xyz domains are endless, and there is no better time to get them than right now. Select your favorite registrar below to take advantage of their Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals, or head to to see a full list of participating registrars.

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11/11 marked the official launch date of XYZ‘s 1.111B® Class – a segment of 1.111 billion domains that are perfect for usage in the Internet of Things, vanity identification, digital currencies, and other creative uses. As a new variable price tier, more than 400 retail partners of XYZ can automatically support this first-of-its-kind class of domains – made up of all 6, 7, 8, and 9-digit numerics – for a recommended retail price of 99¢ per year.

The first major partnership related to the 1.111B® Class came last week at Ethereum’s DevCon3 conference, where the popular blockchain cryptocurrency announced support for users to pair their Ethereum wallets with .xyz domains for secure coin management and trading. With 99¢ annual carrying costs and flat 99¢ transaction fees, the 1.111B® Class is the first digital currency platform to be supported by a global network of registrars, with built-in security and customer support, and stability through the internet’s root DNS.

“Being connected to the internet’s DNS backbone, .xyz domains can be securely registered, managed, and traded on the most stable blockchain in existence. All domains come with locking mechanisms, transfer authorization codes, and optional WHOIS privacy to show or hide asset ownership,” said Daniel Negari, CEO of XYZ. “The 1.111B® Class makes Ethereum immediately accessible to hundreds of millions of existing domain customers, and I expect other cryptocurrencies to soon add their support.”

Thanks to early supporters like GoDaddy, Uniregistry, and, the 1.111B® Class is available to leaders, creators, and innovators in over 230 countries and territories. Since the prelaunch, 1.111B® Class domains are already being used for advanced networking (, and calendar milestones ( With no minimum or maximum registration requirements, domains may also be registered as needed for app testing, vanity VoIP numbers, identification numbers, zip codes, or in sequential blocks to match serial numbers.

To learn more about the 1.111B® Class, visit, or read the white paper and our official press release. Start searching for your favorite numbers, dates, and patterns in our new 1.111B search tool. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out all the current 1.111B websites and make sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for more info!

Today, XYZ is launching our tenth domain extension, .Storage, which was acquired earlier this year. As the authoritative namespace for the physical and data storage industries, .Storage allows businesses and individuals in an $80+ billion industry ($38 billion self storage + $44 billion data storage), to upgrade their online presence by making all domains available for one flat price – including 1-characters, 2-characters, and valuable keywords!

.Storage logo

Priority registration for trademark holders begins at 9:00am EST today, and domains are awarded immediately on a first-come, first-served basis. With no SMD file or verification necessary, brands may secure their trademarks, facility locations, or even keywords, before they become available to the general public on November 28, 2017. Global general availability begins on December 5, 2017.

.Storage launch timeline

To encourage customers to begin using their .Storage domains immediately, we are offering a complimentary white-glove website migration service for a limited time ($10,000 value). The process takes less than a week, and we follow Google’s best practices to transition your website from your old URL to a new .Storage domain. Existing search engine rankings, SEO scores, and emails are all maintained, and you can enjoy a boost to your branding and online presence after switching to .Storage.

Not sure what to register? Check out some of our favorite .Storage domains below that can be hand registered today!

Domain Industry New Recommended retail price
(12-month commitment)
Rent.Storage Physical storage $79/month
DryWarehousing.Storage Physical storage $79/month
Logistical.Storage Physical storage $79/month
Automotive.Storage Physical storage $79/month
Moving.Storage Physical storage $79/month
LocalDrive.Storage Data storage $79/month
Network.Storage Data storage $79/month
Digital.Storage Data storage $79/month
Backup.Storage Data storage $79/month
FileSharing.Storage Data storage $79/month

To learn more about .Storage, visit, read our press release, or follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Then head over to one of the retailers below or your registrar of choice to secure your .Storage domains!

Launch partners:

Coming soon:

See a full list of supporting registrars here.

XYZ knows that the internet of tomorrow is being built by the minds of children today. That’s why we’re excited to announce our partnership with Junior Achievement (JA) to invest in the future of young entrepreneurs in a meaningful, hands-on way.

Every year, approximately 10,000 high school students from 65 regions across the United States participate in the JA Company Program®, where juniors and seniors (and a few lucky sophomores!) learn how to run their own company by developing a business plan, operating within an organizational structure, and even liquidating at the end of the program.

This year, JA and XYZ are taking this 13-week intensive entrepreneurship program even further by implementing a company website development component for three regions: Southern California, Austin, and Ft. Lauderdale. With over 50 businesses launching in these areas, each one will receive a free .xyz domain, Weebly website builder, and WHOIS privacy protection.

“Junior Achievement is excited to partner with XYZ to enhance the authentic startup experience for students in the JA Company Program®. Branding, web presence, marketing, and sales are crucial to business success and now JA students have access to additional resources that have the potential to increase current business performance and inform their future entrepreneurial endeavors.” – Andy Schenck, Curator – Entrepreneurship Experiences, Junior Achievement USA.

Since this is probably the first time many of these students will be building out a website, we’ve developed a microsite with tips and resources to help them get started (students: ask your teachers for the password). And to help these young business leaders make the most of their unique opportunities, Team XYZ will be visiting a handful of schools in the Southern California area to train classes on choosing the right domains for their business, how to build their websites, and other best practices.

XYZ’s partnership with the innovative JA Company Program® is just another example of our dedication to helping the next generation of entrepreneurs get online with .xyz. XYZ also has a longstanding history with partners like CoderDojo, Product Forge, General Assembly, and Hustle N’ Code. Be sure to follow us @XYZ on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of our trips to the classrooms, and subscribe to our newsletter for updates on the program’s progress!

For students in need of assistance, click on the link below for access to videos, how-tos, FAQs, and more (ask your teachers for the password). And don’t forget to message us once your website is live for a chance to get featured in our weekly #WebsiteWednesday series!

We are excited to announce that over 2,700 (nearly 90%) of our variably priced premium .xyz domains have had their prices permanently reduced at the wholesale level. That means that the create, renewal, and transfer fees for some of the best .xyz domains you can think of have their lowest prices ever!

Did you know you could save hundreds, thousands, or even millions of dollars by registering a .xyz domain instead of the equivalent name in another ending? For example, sold for $1.7 million in 2009, while can be registered now for just $550/yr!

But that’s just the beginning! Brandable and memorable domains like,,, and are all available as of this writing with prices slashed by thousands of dollars. Check out the table below to compare prices:

Retail Price
Retail Price
GoDaddy Uniregistry Average
Annual Savings $55,000 $3,000 $3,250 $2,750 $3,625 $52,000 $55,000 $13,000 $13,000 $11,000 $14,500 $42,000 $13,000 $1,300 $1,300 $1,100 $1,450 $11,700 $13,000 $3,000 $3,250 $2,750 $3,625 $10,000 $3,000 $350 $260 $220 $290 $2,650 $3,000 $1,300 $1,300 $1,100 $1,450 $1,700 $1,300 $350 $3,250 $2,750 $3,625 $950 $1,300 $700 $650 $550 $725 $600 $700 $350 $260 $220 $290 $350

If you’ve been thinking about getting one of these limited .xyz domains, now is your best chance to get the perfect name (or names) at the right price. But you’d better hurry – your favorite might not be around for long, so head over to your registrar of choice now!

Note: Most registrars have already updated their sites to reflect XYZ’s new wholesale pricing. Please contact us about registrars with old pricing.

We are extremely happy and very proud to announce that XYZ has crossed a major social media milestone: 150,000 followers on Instagram. We began the summer with about two thousand followers and an ambitious plan to connect even more with our #GenXYZ community. At the time of this writing, we have more than 155,000 followers, through a coordinated marketing approach and extremely enjoyable content.

One of our most popular videos reached more than 180,000 people and got an astonishing 12,600+ comments. From our #GenXYZ community, we noticed that many people actually try to get their hands on our swag. To celebrate having grown such a huge following on Instagram, we decided to launch our very own XYZ Apparel Shop. You can now get your hands on the latest XYZ T-Shirts (as well as .College and .Security T-Shirts), get ready for the office and the weekend with our XYZ Bundles, or shop for XYZ Accessories, including our famous Purple #XYZsquad Morph Suit.

If you buy anything from our shop, be sure to post a picture of you #InAction on your favorite platform and tag @xyz on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We might re-post it or even feature you! If you’ve not checked out our Instagram yet, go see our awesome break dancing #XYZsquad.

Don’t like paying too much for your domains and clothes? Register your .xyz domain at or your favorite registrar, and redeem the below coupon code at

We’re always looking for new ways to inspire the next generation of internet users to build on .xyz domains. And that’s exactly why we’re so excited about our new partnership with CoderDojo, the international organization dedicated to teaching students aged 7 to 17 how to code. From now until July 24th, all members of the CoderDojo community can apply for a free .xyz domain and all the tools necessary to create some of their first ever projects on the web.


After filling out a short form, verified members of the CoderDojo community will receive a unique coupon code for a free .xyz domain, Weebly website builder, hosting, and WHOIS privacy protection. This way, anyone involved with CoderDojo can get a cool, brandable .xyz domain name. Not sure what to get? Check out some of our favorite ideas below:

Theme Live Domains,,,,

For more inspiration, be sure to visit to view hundreds more unique .xyz websites from all over the world.

Whether you’re just learning how to code or are a CoderDojo veteran, don’t miss this opportunity to build out your passion on your very own .xyz domain. Remember – you only have until July 24th to claim your free .xyz domain, Weebly website builder, and more. And once you’ve launched your shiny new .xyz website, post a screenshot on Instagram and tag us @XYZ for a chance to get featured in our weekly #WebsiteWednesday series!



Tomorrow is .xyz’s 3rd anniversary, and we’re going to be celebrating the special day in style, just as the most popular new domain in the world should. Millions of .xyz domains have been registered in over 230 countries, and leaders, creators, and innovators from every industry have joined the #GenXYZ movement to make .xyz the go-to domain for the next generation of internet users. From industry icons like Deloitte ( and and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (, to innovators like, the next big thing is always happening on a .xyz domain.

That’s why today marks a new dawn for the internet, and a paradigm shift to .xyz. You’ve no doubt seen the cryptic messages that have taken over XYZ’s social media pages (and a few of our partners’ pages as well), and today the meaning of AYDACFU has officially been revealed: All Your Domains Are Come From Us. This is not only a celebration of .xyz’s success to date, but a statement of its future direction, and the direction for new internet users. You want a website to host your personal blog? Get Looking to bring your business online to the massive internet marketplace? Secure Ready to share your world-changing idea with an international audience? Grab in one of 200+ languages. No matter who you are or what you want to do with your site, ALL YOUR DOMAINS ARE COME FROM US.


But .xyz isn’t just the perfect domain for right now, it’s also equipped for the future of internet. Rising new internet technologies have created unmet demands that businesses are seeking to fill. That’s why XYZ has partnered with registrars like Uniregistry, GoDaddy, and to introduce a new paradigm of innovation on the internet, called the 1.111B® Class. Starting today, all 1.111 billion 6-digit, 7-digit, 8-digit, and 9-digit numeric .xyz domains will retail for $0.99 per year, every year to register, renew, and transfer at participating registrars.

This first-of-its-kind segment of domains are ideal as an inexpensive platform for Internet of Things device connectivity, vanity identification, digital currencies, and any other creative uses #GenXYZ can think of. With no minimum or maximum registration requirement, the 1.111B® Class is flexible enough to serve in individual uses like app testing (e.g. or as a VoIP number (e.g., or in sequential blocks to pair with serial numbers (e.g. –

And, seeing as thousands of numeric .xyz domains are already being exchanged, the 1.111B® Class also make perfect sense as tradeable assets or tools for digital currency economies. Its newly reduced $0.99 transfer fee also allows more 1.111B® Class domains to enter circulation with nominal acquisition and carry costs. Read our CEO’s in-depth thoughts on this topic on his official blog.

In the coming weeks, the #XYZsquad will be out in the wild spreading the word about AYDACFU and the 1.111B® Class to the masses, so follow us on Twitter (@XYZ), Instagram (@XYZ) and Facebook (/XYZ) for the first word on all of the exciting events we have planned!

To learn more about the 1.111B® Class, read the white paper and our official press release. Then, start searching for your favorite numbers, dates, and patterns in our new 1.111B search tool.

The next generation of the internet is here – don’t miss your chance to be a part of the revolution. And remember: ALL YOUR DOMAINS ARE COME FROM US.

XYZ invites all registrars to support the 1.111B® Class. Contact us to learn more.


Today, XYZ announced the acquisition of .Storage, the tenth domain extension to be added to our growing portfolio. We will be launching .Storage this fall as an unrestricted premium namespace for the physical storage and data storage industries.

.Storage will give all businesses and individuals the opportunity to secure short and brandable industry-specific domains to establish their online presence, much like .xyz gives the next generation of internet users the opportunity to brand themselves on a memorable and global domain.

And, like XYZ’s other domain extensions, .Security, Protection, .Theatre, .Cars, .Car, and .Auto, all .Storage domains will be available for one flat price. So one-character domains, two-character domains, premium keyword names, and even URLs like Data.Storage and Cloud.Storage, which were previously priced as premiums for $100,000 each, will now be made available for hand registration for the same price as any other .Storage domain.

Here’s what Daniel had to say about the .Storage acquisition in his blog post:

“The success of the entire XYZ portfolio, anchored by .xyz, has led to an excess of cash flow for us to further our mission of bringing choice and innovation to the internet. Thanks to the end users who have adopted .xyz in over 230 countries, our registration and renewal rates have exceeded even my own expectations. We have reinvested these funds to grow .xyz further: through hackathon sponsorships for underprivileged youth, meetings with startups and press outlets at events like TechDay LA, and website design contests with General Assembly and GoDaddy.” – Daniel Negari, CEO, XYZ

We also have some BIG plans ahead as we near our 3rd anniversary in just over a month. Be sure to mark June 1st on your calendars, and check to find out all the details!

Be sure to check out Daniel’s blog post at and the official XYZ announcement. Visit to learn more about .Storage.

Q1 2017 flew by and Team XYZ hasn’t slowed the mission to further spread the word about the world’s #1 new domain extension .xyz. We went to three events in our hometown of LA and also made a trip to the Rockies to attend one of the biggest automotive industry events in the country!

DreamHost HostingCon Industry Party – Los Angeles, CA

Earlier this month, the LA Convention Center hosted the final Global HostingCon event. As part of the festivities surrounding the event, XYZ was invited to attend our partner DreamHost’s VIP Industry Party at one of LA’s hippest locations, Bar Thirteen in downtown.


The XYZ team met lots of new and familiar faces and we got to share the great success of .xyz with industry veterans, like Dave Koston from (top picture, first person from the right). The event ended sweetly for the entire XYZ office as the team brought back some gourmet chocolate bars courtesy of our friends at Dreamhost!


Innovative Dealer Summit (IDS) – Denver, CO

In between events in the warm SoCal sun, the team flew east to a very snowy Denver to attend the Innovative Dealer Summit, which was held at the Colorado Convention Center right in the middle of downtown. The summit hosts 40+ industry experts from around the country who educate dealership owners and dealership groups about the newest marketing trends and strategies in the automotive industry.


Dealers attended sessions on using innovative marketing tools and were excited to talk with our team about .Cars, .Car, and .Auto domain names for their businesses. Attendees lined up at our booth to get info on the SEO benefits of .Cars/.Car/.Auto URLs and to learn how to register their own valuable names. Even the President of the Innovative Dealer Summit, Tim Jackson, knew about the unbeatable value of these automotive domains as his own dealership uses the URL Colorado.Auto.

Santa Monica New Tech April Happy Hour

As April wound to a close Team XYZ was back in our Santa Monica home base, and we closed out the month by attending back to back tech industry happy hours along with hundreds of hungry entrepreneurs. First up was the Santa Monica New Tech April Happy Hour, where the team spoke with dozens of app developers, startups, and coders looking to get their businesses off the ground. After checking to see that the domains they wanted were available, the attendees could register them for just $1 for the first year by using the promo code on the XYZ 3D glasses. We can’t wait to see what they’ll built on these .xyz domains!

Silicon Beach Young Professionals Mixer


The second night of the XYZ happy hour double brought the team to the luxurious Viceroy Hotel, overlooking the famous Santa Monica Pier for the Silicon Beach Young Professionals Mixer. Our team met with movers and shakers from hot new industries like VR, as well as LA-original firms from TV & Film. Everyone we spoke to was excited to hear about .xyz and positively surprised by the huge amount of household name use-cases. We loved being able to spread the word about some of our favorite .xyz end users like Many of the young professionals in attendance left inspired to build their next big thing on a .xyz domain.

We’ve got some big event plans for May already and are looking to add even more. You can stay tuned to see where in the world Team XYZ will be going to next by following us on Twitter and Instagram @XYZ!