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With Spring comes new beginnings and new opportunities: It’s a time that calls for change, as we look past the hardships and prepare for a brighter future. With the recent and unexpected passing of the legendary artist Prince, we can’t help but look back and appreciate his vision and the impact he has had on so many generations. By successfully carving his own path, Prince opened the door to challenging the status quo and taking risks – much in the same way as entrepreneurs and startups are doing now. And it’s those risks that turn CEO’s into Pioneers. So in honor of Prince (one of our favorite pioneers) we chose a #WebsiteWednesday that is unearthing the potential of those with great ideas and helping them take risks to pave a new road to industry success: is a program that connects entrepreneurs (“startup talents”) with intrapreneurs (“corporate talents”) from well-established companies, creating a breeding ground for innovation while enriching the startup community and driving the development of sustainable new businesses. These two groups are teamed up and given the tools to succeed by progressing through multiple exercises with the guidance and support of mentors and industry professionals. At the end of each “phase,” the team must pitch to a group of judges to highlight how their ideas have developed over time.

The three ACTIVATR phases are: the Ideation Lab, where the team develops their vision; the Discovery Lab, where the team evolves their business model; and the Corporate Campus, where the business is developed and competes in the market. Think of it as the lifecycle stages of a flower: a seed is planted, it starts to germinate, and then it grows into it’s final product while still affected by external (and internal) factors.

Nobody can deny that without Prince, the world would be a much less interesting place. We would argue that is doing the same thing by giving others the opportunity to enrich their ecosystem while helping them maximize their expertise. We’re happy to see that ACTIVATR shares our drive for exploration and connection among like-minded talents to help sculpt future generations of pioneers. Well done, ACTIVATR, we dig it.

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