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The .xyz community is home to forward-thinking developers exploring the power of AI technology. Tech startup is aimed at leveraging AI technology to make it easy to access and leverage web3 data. In this week’s #AIMonday, we’ll introduce you to a platform designed to help you create your own personalized AI assistant: is an innovative platform focused on helping users create personalized AI assistants designed to support them with personal and professional tasks. On June 30, 2023, The AI Foundation, an organization dedicated to furthering artificial intelligence, introduced the new platform and welcomed interested users to join the waitlist to be among the first to create a personalized AI assistant.1 As stated on their website, the San Francisco-based AI Foundation is “a dual commercial and non-profit organization with a single vision: To bring the potential of AI to everyone in the world so we can all participate fully in the future.”2 A personal AI life management platform aims to differentiate itself from other AI assistants by staying unique to each individual. The platform’s AI assistants are designed to understand their user’s values, goals, and preferences to provide personalized assistance. A primary goal of is to promote a healthier work-life balance by helping users offload daily tasks to their personal AI assistants.

Customizable AI assistants to do anything from A to XYZ

On the Features page, states that “Your AI can do anything from A to XYZ.” Specifically, the platform hopes to empower users to create AI assistants that cater to their specific needs. These personal AI assistants are designed to perform various tasks, including note-taking, email writing, brainstorming, and offering personalized advice and perspectives.3

Designing your own AI assistant 

As detailed in a June 30, 2023 feature in VentureBeat, “Creators can expand their AI’s knowledge through document sharing, linking to websites like LinkedIn and noting personal memories for future reference. Creators can also decide what their AI will look and sound like by either cloning their own face and voice or choosing options from the library.” states that you can design your personalized AI assistant in three steps:

  • Step 1. Pick a face and voice
    Choose from our library of characters or add your own unique face and voice.
  • Step 2. Create your AI’s persona and memory
    Decide who your AI is, its purpose and what it will help you with. Paste information that you want your AI to know.
  • Step 3. Get started
    Ask your AI to help you with ideas and support throughout your day. Eventually it will be able to proactively support you.

Ask your AI to help you with ideas and support throughout your day. Eventually it will be able to proactively support you.

AI Foundation: Behind

AI Foundation was established in 2017, with investors including Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, Founders Fund, OVO, Endeavor, The Brandtech Group, Alpha Edison, and Correlation Ventures. Initially, the foundation started as a nonprofit and has retained its nonprofit status while also operating as a commercial entity. Their previous works included creating smart AI for video game characters, and later branched out into the development of personal AI. Beta Testing and Future Prospects is currently in beta, providing users with an option for designing an AI assistance geared towards simplifying their work and life. You can learn more by joining the Discord and by visiting


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