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The .xyz community is home to media platforms dedicated to fostering community engagement and the sharing of authentic stories. Photographer, entrepreneur, and social activist Misan Harriman’s media platform explores the contributions of web3 to culture, commerce, and society. Media platform shares engaging creator-focused stories designed to help fellow creatives. Digital lifestyle platform produces forward-thinking content to reach the BIPOC community. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to the online hub of an entrepreneurship podcast aimed at sharing the stories of founders and leaders: is the online hub of the Startup Hustle podcast, an entrepreneurship podcast  devoted to sharing the stories of startup founders and leaders. With over 1,125 episodes and over 5,000,000 downloads (as stated on, the podcast appears to be gaining popularity among entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts. The podcast serves as a platform where interview founders and leaders from different industries can share knowledge and insight with listeners.

The team behind Startup Hustle

Startup Hustle is founded by Kansas City-based entrepreneurs Matt DeCoursey and Matt Watson. Matt and Matt are also the co-founders of Full Scale, a company geared at helping businesses quickly and affordably build teams of programmers, testers, project managers, and designers. Matt Watson holds the role of CTO at IT management company Netreo. Matt DeCoursey is the founder of cloud-based appointment booking platform Gigabook.He also is the author of business-focused books including Million Dollar Bedroom1 and Balance Me.2

Matt and Matt share podcast hosting duties with two other entrepreneurs. Co-host Lauren Conaway is the founder and CEO of leadership community InnovateHER KC. Her podcast episodes center around conversations with female entrepreneurs, influencers, and leaders, providing valuable insights into their journeys. Andrew Morgans, the fourth co-host, is the founder of Marknology, an Amazon Brand Accelerator. His weekly podcast episodes are dedicated to exploring e-commerce and Amazon-related topics, catering to listeners interested in online business ventures.

Exploring A comprehensive hub for episode descriptions, sponsorship opportunities, and more serves as an online hub for their growing community, providing a centralized platform for accessing various resources and information. The website features pages dedicated to different aspects of the Startup Hustle ecosystem, including an insightful blog containing posts related to each podcast episode, a sponsorship page offering opportunities for businesses to connect with their target audience, and a landing page for Startup Hustle TV, the podcast’s supplemental web series.

With over 1,125 episodes, the Startup Hustle podcast offers an array of interviews with founders and leaders. Each episode features unique perspectives on entrepreneurship, which can bring listeners closer to the world of startups and business innovation. The podcast explores a range of topics, including challenges faced by entrepreneurs, secrets to scaling businesses, and the art of effective leadership. By visiting the Blog page, you can explore posts dedicated to each podcast episode, providing detailed information about the hosts, guests, synopsis, highlights, key quotes, and transcripts of the podcasts. This comprehensive approach allows listeners to quickly find and review their favorite episodes.

Check out Ep. #1169 – The Power of AI, an exploration of the power of AI and its impact on various industries. In this episode, Matt Watson and guest Ross Borden (CEO and founder of media brand Matador Network) discuss Matador’s new AI-powered travel assistant, GuideGeek, which aims to revolutionize the travel industry. The conversation also explores how AI is shaping social media platforms and the importance of branding for innovation. You can also check out Ep. #1171 – The Power of the Pivot, where Matt DeCoursey and guest AJ Asgari (CEO and founder of e-commerce solution drugstore2door), discuss the significance of pivoting for businesses and its role in determining success. With new episodes posted daily, listeners can tune in using platforms such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Startup Hustle TV: A web series from

As stated on the Startup Hustle TV landing page, “Startup Hustle TV is a web series for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs with the mission of telling the real story of startups and entrepreneurship.” The series offers insights on real-life experiences faced by entrepreneurs in the business world. In addition to podcast promotion, is also a pivotal tool for elevating the brand’s YouTube presence. Boasting over 5k subscribers (as of August 16, 2023), Startup Hustle leverages its website as a gateway to their YouTube community. This strategy centralizes all their content under one digital roof and funnels dedicated podcast listeners towards their video offerings, fostering multi-platform engagement. offers opportunities to sponsor their podcasts

Startup Hustle offers sponsorship opportunities for businesses aiming to reach a targeted audience consisting of entrepreneurs, small business owners, aspiring founders, and individuals interested in startups and entrepreneurship. states that by partnering with Startup Hustle, sponsors can “gain brand impressions where they matter most.” You can visit the sponsorship page to review various sponsorship plans designed to suit different businesses and their specific needs.

The benefits of an online hub for your podcast like

An online hub like can be an invaluable tool for podcast awareness. With just one memorable domain name, you can promote your podcast to listeners of many different platforms  worldwide. By leveraging your website like did, you can invite all customers to one single online home that you control, where you can provide direct links to each streaming platform where listeners can find it. A dedicated website can also help bolster awareness and engagement by providing a place where existing or r potential audiences can delve into everything you offer about your podcast, and any other services you want to introduce. 

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