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XYZ Registry Celebrates a Decade of Innovation

Chapter 4: Innovating for Tomorrow’s Internet (2017)

XYZ Registry Celebrates a Decade of Innovation

Continuing XYZ Registry’s celebration of ten years of innovation, Chapter 4 delves into the pivotal year of 2017—a year marked by significant technological advancements and strategic initiatives that propelled XYZ into uncharted territories of the Internet. See all chapters as they unfold:

This is the story of .xyz—a story about pioneering innovation and reshaping the online experience.

Record-Breaking Infrastructure Growth

2017 began with an impressive milestone as monthly DNS queries on .xyz domains surpassed 20 billion. This monumental growth in traffic not only demonstrated the robustness of XYZ’s infrastructure but also affirmed the global reliance on .xyz as a trusted domain for businesses and individuals alike.

Introducing the 1.111B Class Domains

In a groundbreaking move to redefine domain usage, XYZ launched the 1.111B Class on November 11, creating a unique segment of 1.111 billion domains. Designed specifically for applications in the Internet of Things, vanity URLs, digital currencies, and more. This class offers domains consisting of all 6, 7, 8, and 9-digit numerics. Priced at just 99¢ per year, these domains provide an affordable, scalable solution for innovative tech ventures and digital finance, including a major partnership with Ethereum at DevCon3. This initiative allowed Ethereum wallet owners to pair their wallets with .xyz domains, enhancing the ease and security of managing and trading digital assets.

In the original 2017 1.111B White Paper,  XYZ’s founder Daniel Negari lays out the innovative vision and creative marketing campaign of ALL YOUR DOMAINS ARE COME FROM US. The original vision innovated upon a major pain point of crypto transacting – gas fees. Negari set out to provide these 99¢ per year domain names as an easily transferable asset, stabilizing and standardizing trading fees using the security and stability of the existing DNS transfer process. If one can connect a .xyz domain to a balance in a crypto wallet, it stands to reason that technology can be developed that allows that balance, or the wallet itself, to be transferred along with the domain name. Currently, domain names can be used as an easily identifiable wallet name and digital identity within the blockchain system, but technology is still under development that would provide for the ability to transfer a 99¢ per year .xyz domain, and send the wallet contents with it.

As a true pioneering platform and creative hub, .XYZ has proudly championed Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision of Bitcoin, crypto, and blockchain technologies, while collaborating closely to advance the DNS usage of the popular Ethereum Name Service. Embracing innovation, .XYZ provided a home and identity for numerous pioneering projects, welcoming them with open arms.

XYZ Launches .Storage

Further expanding its domain offerings, XYZ launched .Storage in November, positioning it as the authoritative namespace for the storage industry. This strategic addition to XYZ’s portfolio caters to businesses in self-storage and data management sectors, providing memorable and relevant domain names.

Looking Ahead

In the upcoming Chapter 5, read about the transformative years of 2018 and beyond, where XYZ Registry continued its upward trajectory with strategic initiatives, community engagement, and technological advancements. Explore the launch of new initiatives like the Quarterly Report Series, XYZ’s ongoing commitment to supporting internet freedom and innovation, and innovations in premium domain names.

See all chapters as they unfold:
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