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XYZ Registry Celebrates a Decade of Innovation

Chapter 3: Global Reach and Groundbreaking Achievements (2016)

XYZ Registry Celebrates a Decade of Innovation
Continuing XYZ’s 10th Anniversary celebration of innovation, Chapter 3 of this series delves into 2016, a year where XYZ Registry expanded its global influence and set new standards in the domain industry. See all chapters as they unfold:

This is the story of .xyz—a story about forging new paths and revolutionizing the internet.

Standing with innovation

At the forefront of innovation, Daniel Negari, founder of .xyz, champions crypto and decentralization, paving the way for the next generation to spark their revolutions on .xyz, and challenging the status quo.

Giving Consumers more choice

XYZ began 2016 with the global launch of three specialized top-level domains (TLDs): .Security, .Protection, and .Theatre. These launches addressed the growing demand for industry-specific domain names, offering more opportunities for organizations to secure their online presence with relevant and memorable URLs.

Record-Breaking Growth and Industry Leadership

On June 2nd, 2016, XYZ celebrated two years as the leading new domain, a testament to its widespread acceptance and appeal. This same day marked another monumental achievement: .xyz became the first new domain to surpass 5 million registrations. June marked the first time a new domain outsold .com domains: more than 3.6 million .xyz domains were registered that month – over 45% more than their competitor sold in June. This unprecedented event highlighted the shifting dynamics within the domain industry.

Additionally, .xyz crossed an impressive 15 billion monthly DNS queries, reinforcing its robust infrastructure and overall usage. 

Significant Media Presence and International Expansion

XYZ’s innovative approach and significant milestones caught the attention of major media outlets, including a notable interview with NASDAQ on September 22, where the future of internet real estate was discussed. The year also saw XYZ Registry’s strategic expansion into the Asian market, with the welcoming of Mason Zhang to lead XYZ’s operations in China, setting the stage for enhanced service and market penetration in the region.

Anchor Tenants and Recognitions

In October, 2016, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) secured as the platform for their $250 million startup accelerator, illustrating the trust and value placed in the .xyz domain by one of the world’s leading educational institutions. Additionally, autonomous robot delivery service, created by the co-founders of Skype, began reshaping the future of delivery to be more efficient and cost-effective. Daniel Negari and XYZ were honored by Techweek100 as part of the “100 most forward-thinking minds in LA,” recognizing their continual impact on technology and innovation.

Regulatory Approvals and Market Access

December 2016 marked a significant advancement in XYZ Registry’s global strategy. On December 5th, .XYZ received official accreditation from China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), marking it as one of the first new domains to achieve this status. This regulatory achievement opened up vast new opportunities for domain registrants to utilize XYZ Registry domains in one of the world’s largest markets.

Looking Ahead

Chapter 4 will relive the groundbreaking year of 2017, where XYZ Registry forged ahead with remarkable technological innovations and strategic initiatives. Read about record-breaking infrastructure growth, the introduction of the revolutionary 1.111B Class domains, and the launch of .Storage—a domain poised to redefine the storage industry. 

See all chapters as they unfold:
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