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XYZ Registry Celebrates a Decade of Innovation

Chapter 6: Overcoming Challenges and Strengthening Commitments (2020)

.XYZ Gains Popularity in Web3 and AI

In this sixth chapter of the XYZ 10th Anniversary series, examine the pivotal year of 2020—a period marked by global challenges and significant strategic decisions for XYZ Registry. See all chapters as they unfold:

This is the story of .xyz—a story about trailblazing and redefining online connectivity.

Supporting the Community During the COVID-19 Pandemic

During the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, XYZ Registry took decisive steps to support its community. Recognizing the financial hardships faced by many, on April 14, 2020, the registry announced the waiver of all redemption fees associated with domain recoveries. Typically, when a domain owner fails to renew and the domain enters redemption, a significant fee can be charged to reclaim it. By waiving these fees on its end and enabling its partners to do the same, XYZ Registry helped alleviate the financial burden on domain owners, ensuring that businesses and individuals could maintain their online presence during these challenging times.

Enhancing Security and Collaboration

In 2020, as the domain industry faced an increase in pandemic-related malware and phishing attacks, XYZ Registry swiftly responded to these challenges. With a strong history of effectively managing abuse within its zones, the Registry proactively intensified its efforts to combat these malicious activities and safeguard its users. Collaborating with the COVID19 Cyber Threat Coalition and the CTI League, XYZ Registry played an active role in combating cyber threats and securing the online ecosystem with and alongside many other industry players. These partnerships were crucial in enhancing the safety and integrity of the domain space, particularly in the face of increased cyber activities related to the pandemic.

Web3 and AI: Gaining Traction with .xyz

“XYZ turned lemons into lemonade amidst the pandemic, sparking our next bull run. We embraced innovation, paving the way for the popularity of Web3/AI.”

– Daniel Negari

Despite a hectic year in 2020, a silver lining became apparent. XYZ Registry’s .xyz domain ending was gaining notoriety as a beacon for innovation in web3 and AI. transformed decentralized finance by optimizing cryptocurrency trades across multiple exchanges, showcasing the domain’s utility for financial tech. Meanwhile, launched China’s first autonomous delivery vehicles, pioneering AI-driven logistics. These early adopters were just the start – .xyz continues to attract pioneering technologies, affirming its status as a top choice for modern innovators. See more at and

Strategic Acquisition of TLDs

On August 7, 2020, XYZ Registry achieved a significant milestone by gaining full ownership of the top-level domains .Cars, .Car, and .Auto. This acquisition not only expanded XYZ Registry’s portfolio but also solidified its position in the automotive domain space. By fully owning these TLDs, XYZ Registry ensured a more cohesive and controlled growth strategy, enhancing its offerings to the automotive industry and its consumers.

Love, Despair, Hope, Conviction

“Throughout the rollercoaster of 2020, I experienced a whirlwind of emotions. Yet, looking back, we have no regrets in how we navigated through it all. We’re grateful to the community for their unwavering support, which continues to humble us as we move forward into the years ahead.” – Daniel Negari

Looking Ahead

Transitioning into Chapter 7, get ready to dive deeper into XYZ Registry’s journey through 2021, a year marked by strategic expansions, innovative partnerships, and record breaking launches. Stay tuned to explore how XYZ secured regulatory approvals, expanded its domain portfolio, and forged strategic partnerships to strengthen its position in the evolving digital landscape. Discover the impact of innovative reporting initiatives and partnerships on online safety, as well as major announcements and blockchain integrations that shape the future of web3. Prepare to uncover the growing recognition of .xyz in the web3 community and its pivotal role in shaping the digital landscape of tomorrow.

See all chapters as they unfold:

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