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XYZ Registry Celebrates a Decade of Innovation

Chapter 9: Leading in AI and Expanding Digital Identities (2023)

.XYZ Leads in AI / Web3 and Digital Identity

In this ninth chapter of the series, XYZ Registry demonstrates its leadership in the AI domain space and expands its influence with strategic acquisitions, illustrating a dynamic year of growth and innovation. See all chapters as they unfold:

This is the story of .xyz—a story about pioneering innovation and disrupting the digital space.

AI Leadership and Community Engagement

On July 3, 2023, XYZ Registry launched #AIMonday, a weekly blog series that highlights the prolific use of .xyz domains by the AI community. This initiative reflects the persistent prominence of “ai” as a top keyword in .xyz domain registrations, underscoring the growth of AI-centric projects within the .xyz community. As a popular domain for trailblazers in AI, AR, blockchain, and web3, .xyz exemplifies XYZ Registry’s commitment to leadership in the innovation economy. For example, innovative data platform is transforming data accessibility, addressing the critical challenge of specific data point retrieval for decision-making and project tracking. Traditional dashboards often fail to meet evolving queries and present outdated information, leading to inefficiencies. leverages advancements in natural language processing (NLP) technology, including ChatGPT, to enable seamless data interaction through everyday language. This user-friendly approach eliminates the need for complex technical jargon, streamlining the user experience. Backed by startup accelerator Y Combinator, helps teams effortlessly interact with data, improving turnaround times and meeting high demand for precise data analysis. Backed by the likes of the creator of Pokémon GO, is the wearable augmented reality (AR) device company on the bleeding edge of AI and AR technology. Brilliant Labs produces open source software that integrates technologies such as Perplexity AI, OpenAI’s GPT4, and Whisper in order to process voices, visuals, and engage in conversation with the wearer of their AI-powered AR glasses. is an AI-enhanced learning app that is building a generative AI learning platform.

“AI” a Top Keyword in .xyz Domain Registrations

The “Domains Report” on the XYZ Registry blog provides monthly highlights and statistics about premium and standard domain registrations. It features the most popular XYZ TLDs for the month, notable domain names registered, testimonials, and trends in aftermarket sales. XYZ reports on .xyz aftermarket sales as reported by Namebio, of which there have been a total of $10,933,646 since .xyz’s launch. This averages out to over a million dollars in reportable aftermarket value per year over the past decade, in addition to many other sales in existence not reported through Namebio. Each report includes examples of premium domains registered, and insights into the registration activity for that month. One of the yearly trends in .xyz registrations has been the top prevalence of the “ai” keyword, per the Registry’s internal statistics. The trending nature of this keyword is promising for .xyz’s popularity for AI websites. The popularity of .xyz within emerging technologies continues to illustrate .xyz’s flexible and generic nature, poised for any business or technology pivot. 

The Parallel Rise of .xyz and Web3

The term “Web3” is said to have been coined in 2014 by Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood. That same year, the .xyz domain was launched, offering a versatile and memorable web address option and natural bridge to Web3. Both Web3 and .xyz experienced rapid growth and popularity over the past decade, with Web3 revolutionizing how we interact with the internet through decentralization, and .xyz becoming a popular domain choice for innovative tech companies and startups. Their simultaneous rise reflects a broader trend towards innovation and decentralization in the digital world. Many movers and shakers in the web3 world have claimed .xyz as the domain to use for web3 projects:

Gabe Frank, CEO of, told XYZ: “XYZ domains are quickly becoming synonymous with Web3 branding and culture.” Charles Lee, Co-founder of mentioned, “When you work on web3 products, only XYZ domains count.” Chris Heatherly, CEO of gave XYZ the gift of the quote, “.xyz is the domain of a new generation and new technologies. It’s where everything interesting is happening. .Com is like your father’s Oldsmobile. When people see .xyz, it’s an immediate clue that you’re doing something cutting edge, not just technically but culturally.” 

The .xyz domain is used by some of the biggest web3 companies, such as, launched by Yuga Labs, creators behind the viral Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs. Coinbase, one of the more mainstream platforms for buying and selling cryptocurrency, uses for its Coinbase Wallet SDK., backed by Jack Dorsey, is on a mission to decentralize bitcoining mining globally. is a $2.5B+ venture capital firm focused on web3 technologies.

Strategic Domain Acquisition

On October 10, 2023, XYZ Registry announced its acquisition of the .CEO domain, marking it as the 35th domain ending in its expansive portfolio. This acquisition aligns with XYZ’s mission to provide competition and choice to users worldwide, offering a unique identity solution for business leaders and innovators. The .CEO domain is an invaluable asset for C-suite professionals to exhibit leadership and authority, and XYZ Registry is dedicated to amplifying its presence and enhancing its value as an essential digital badge of honor for chief executives. C-Suite professionals and businesses and services for CEOs are using the .CEO domain for their online homes. MichelleHummel.CEO is run by Michelle Hummel, CEO and Founder of full-service digital marketing agency Web Strategy Plus. Mike Johns, founder of Digital Mind State and nonprofit organization We Are Digital, uses MikeJohns.CEO for his personal brand. Erica.CEO is the website of Erica Dobbs, founder, CEO, and President of Dobbs Defense Solutions, a cybersecurity and IT firm. EricRawn.CEO is the founder of Xobee Networks (aka BCT Consulting). TheVisionary.CEO is the business of Kris Plachy, CEO Coach to accomplished Female Entrepreneurs and Host of the Leadership is Feminine podcast. Focus.CEO is the website for David Wood, former Consulting Actuary to Fortune 100 companies including Sony Music, Chanel, and Exxon.

Digital Platform Relaunch

In September 2023, XYZ Registry relaunched its corporate website,, which now showcases the extensive range of the 35 domains it owns and operates. The updated website provides a brief overview of the journey from the visionary inception by Daniel Negari to the establishment of .xyz as a preferred choice for creators and innovators worldwide. This relaunch not only enhances the user experience but also reaffirms XYZ’s role as a technology leader.

“Being a true generic domain extension, one of the key benefits of .xyz domains is the opportunity to brand yourself across industries.”

– Daniel Negari

Businesses Pivoting to AI Illustrate the Unlimited Utility of .XYZ

As XYZ continued to highlight more and more AI websites built with .xyz in 2023, .xyz’s unique quality became increasingly evident. The promise of .xyz for “every website, everywhere” also rang true for every website’s purpose, old and new. Websites that had built their brands on .xyz began to pivot their businesses towards AI, and in doing so, were able to keep their branding and their domain name the same. Startups that had been primarily blockchain-focused were able to re-center on AI without an expensive branding overhaul. 2023 illustrated more than ever before the flexibility of .xyz with every innovation, riding the wave of exponential advancement in technology – from AI to quantum computing to IoT and beyond., a startup accelerator launched in 2016 by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), evolved and expanded its focus to include AI and Machine Learning. This initiative further supports Engine’s mission to empower Tough Tech teams solving the world’s most challenging problems through the convergence of science and engineering. 

Looking Ahead

In Chapter 10, get ready to explore a significant year for XYZ Registry in 2024. Prepare to dive into the celebration of the 10th anniversary of .XYZ, marking a decade of substantial growth, innovation, and community. Discover how XYZ Registry commemorates this milestone by honoring the vibrant and epic community of end-users, known as #GenXYZ, who have contributed to its success over the years. 

See all chapters as they unfold:

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