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Chapter 10: Pushing Boundaries, Elevating Competition, and Embracing Choice (2024)

.XYZ Celebrates A Decade of Innovation.XYZ Celebrates A Decade of Innovation.XYZ Celebrates A Decade of Innovation

This is the story of .xyz—a story about monumental strides and shaping the future of digital identity.

In the 10th chapter of our series, XYZ celebrates how far it’s come, marking the significant success of .xyz and the growth of its Registry to include 35 total top level domains. See all chapters:

.xyz, the domain name that has been making waves in the internet world, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Since its launch in 2014, .xyz has been on a mission to expand competition and choice for users worldwide. 

Since its launch in this millennium, .xyz has surged in popularity among distinguished entities. From Google’s Alphabet adopting to Square’s parent company embracing, prestigious universities such as MIT opting for, and renowned artists like Snoop Dogg ( and Steve Aoki ( leveraging .xyz domains, it’s evident that this century has ushered in a formidable contender poised to surpass venerable domain extensions.

Since its launch in 2014, the .xyz domain has risen in prominence, outshining other emerging domain extensions. It has arisen as the most popular new option for businesses, organizations, and individuals seeking a distinctive and unforgettable web identity. The domain’s adaptability and cost-effectiveness have further fueled its triumph, rendering it within reach for diverse users worldwide.

In the past decade, .xyz has seen a significant increase in its usage, with prominent figures like Randi Zuckerberg, venture capitalist Fred Wilson, Yuga Labs (the creators of Bored Ape Yacht Club and, all opting for .xyz as their domain of choice. Even Fox Corporation ( and the co-founders of Skype ( have chosen .xyz for their online presence. This widespread adoption of .xyz is a testament to its credibility and potential to become the go-to domain for businesses and individuals alike.

Apart from its popularity, companies using .xyz have also attracted significant investments from venture capitalists, with over $2 billion being invested in various .xyz projects. Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian and Ex-Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey are backing projects like and, proving that the domain has hit the mainstream. This shows the comfort and confidence that investors have in the future of projects using this domain, and their potential to disrupt the market. With its affordable pricing and global appeal, .xyz has become a preferred choice for startups, small businesses, and even established companies.

Daniel Negari, the CEO of .xyz, expressed his excitement for the 10th anniversary and the growth of .xyz over the years. He said, “I had the wild idea of creating a domain ending that matched the ending of the alphabet. A decade later, we are the #1 new TLD and I am humbled by the community’s embrace of .xyz as their domain. I sought out to provide competition and choice to the market and to enable innovation. Together, we have achieved that. With our portfolio of 35 new top-level domains, we will continue to change the face of the internet. Let’s .lol together as .xyz is on track to inevitably surpass venerable endings like .com/.net, which were commercialized in the 1980s.”

As .xyz marks its 10th anniversary, with its growing popularity and notable use at around ~1% of the entire internet, .xyz is well on its way to achieving its goal being the domain ending of the next generation. For more information on the .xyz domain and its anniversary celebrations, visit

2024, Additional Accreditations in China

In 2024, XYZ Registry announced the accreditation of 14 additional domains by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). This approval is a continuation of the registry’s successful collaboration with MIIT. It marks another significant milestone in XYZ’s commitment to global accessibility and digital inclusion, as it outperforms in APAC markets.

Celebrating a Decade of Digital Innovation

June 2, 2024, marks the 10th birthday of .XYZ, celebrating a decade of substantial innovation, and community building. This milestone is not just a reflection of the company’s journey from a visionary startup to a leader in domain provision and digital identity solutions, but also a celebration of its vibrant and epic community of end-users, known as #GenXYZ. XYZ Registry commemorates this landmark anniversary by honoring the contributions and creativity of this dynamic community. Thank you.

.XYZ: The Domain of Choice for Innovators and Visionaries

Businesses and organizations across a spectrum of industries celebrate the versatility and appeal of the .xyz domain. From startups like the 3D design platform, which secured $10 million in funding, to GPS technology innovator, which raised $3.5 million, .xyz domains have become synonymous with affordable, standout branding. Established entities such as creative agency and private fitness studio also showcase .xyz’s adaptability across various sectors. Moreover, .xyz has rapidly become the top choice for those who value freedom and versatility online, particularly within the burgeoning blockchain community. Alex Fine, CEO of San Francisco-based blockchain development company, encapsulates this sentiment: “To us, xyz stands as a subtle rebellion against the status quo. While it’s equally (if not more) memorable than a legacy TLD, it also conjures feelings of mystery, excitement and innovation.”

Looking Ahead

As XYZ Registry looks beyond its first decade, it remains committed to pioneering innovations that bridge the digital divide and foster community engagement, both online and in the physical world. This years’ expansions and projects not only celebrate past achievements but also pave the way for future endeavors in a more connected and digitally empowered world.

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.XYZ Celebrates A Decade of Innovation

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