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Carving a path for your career is not always a straightforward task. There are many options, and it can be a challenge to pick the right one for you. Your own style and confidence are among the best guides you have to follow when mapping out your professional path. Success can be found when you’re able to identify the skills that make you stand out and combine them with a strong belief in your work. This week’s #WebsiteWednesday features a celebrated interior designer who shows this method in action. Adri van Zyl decided to make a bold choice and change her career plan at the last minute to enter a whole new industry while using her personal taste to guide her business: is an interior architecture and design studio established in 2014 by Cape Town-based interior designer Adri van Zyl. Adri drives the creative side of the business while her husband Vincent helps manage the commercial side. Though she is now at the helm of her own successful design studio, Adri started her career with a plan to study law. The week before her classes began, however, she realized that she felt a stronger passion to study graphic design and photography, despite having no previous background in the arts. Adri’s decision to follow her intuition and passion proved to be both a wise and confident choice.

Through, Adri has made a name in her industry and taken on design projects for major retail, residential, and commercial spaces. Her work has also been featured frequently in notable decor outlets Elle, House & Garden, Architectural Digest, and House and Leisure, among many others. Adri continues to display a confident spirit in her work today by allowing her own taste and morals to guide her business.

As the website explains, the studio brands themselves as a “young, innovative, socially conscious studio that believes in bold design and doing things right. The full list of design services that offers covers everything from A to Z, so their domain perfectly fits with their business approach. This includes architecture and decor, furniture design, procurement, styling, and even project management. The studio says they maintain a focus on beautiful design that is also functional.

To see this approach in action, you can simply flip through a gallery of their past projects from the projects page. Clicking on each individual project will take you to a page sharing insight from Adri into the thought process the studio had for each interior design. For trendy wine bar and restaurant Mulberry & Prince, Adri created a French retro chic design that made it unique to the Cape Town eating scene. In the retail sector, Adri designed a boutique jewelry concept store for Famke Jewelry inspired by Memphis, a 1980s design movement. Adri’s versatility in her craft is also on display in the many residential projects she’s taken on, like her minimalistic approach for a luxury loft space in Cape Town’s city center.

Another area where show their sharpness is through their branding. They communicate with potential clients through an email address branded with their .xyz URL. They also use the URL as their social media handle, making for easy brand recognition and increased memorability. This coordinated marketing strategy allows to generate awareness of their website in all their promotion efforts. It’s also a great strategy for driving more traffic and potential clients to their business.

The .xyz community is home to many creative minds that aren’t afraid to follow their own unique style. Through their carefully crafted website design and promotion, and their intrepid founder Adri perfectly illustrate the spirit of creativity, innovation, and branding savvy the .xyz community is known for. Following your own unique taste is a great way to make your work stand out, and shows it can lead to great career success.

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