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We’ve used our #WebsiteWednesday series to highlight many .xyz community members that have expanded their promotional reach via a well-designed website. Web push notification app promotes its services with a dedicated page showing the app’s features and potential benefits. is a great example of how to use your website as the center of a cohesive online brand for your app. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, you’ll meet another app creator that boosts their reach by pairing their .xyz website and their app to create a complete online educational experience for their users: is a startup from Austin, TX that provides educational resources to students from around the world. The company lists their foundational mission as their belief that “good quality education is a basic right of every human being.” claims their service improves standardized test scores by offering exam prep that costs 10 times less than tuition centers and academies. To get this reduced cost, says they’ve increased the efficiency of exam preparation by providing personalized feedback to each student according to their strengths and weaknesses. The service also provides analytics to students about their current preparation and what they need to focus on. Then, says they can create a detailed study plan and schedule for each student to prepare for their upcoming exams. says their main focus is to help their global community of students access educational resources by digitizing and sharing materials through their app and user-friendly online platform. To accomplish this, they designed their app to work along with the site to create a flexible and complete learning service. Notes for classes in the curriculum are available on the website, and can then be downloaded onto the app. Notes are organized according to different subjects and student grade levels. even gives examples of past papers to help students with homework.

Both the website and app offer different services designed to provide a full service learning solution. In addition to test materials and guides, also features a student blog section. Here, students can share articles with advice for studying, choosing careers, and personal educational experiences. On the other end, the mobile app offers remote access to test prep materials, offline notes, downloadable materials, and flash cards, which are geared towards on-the-go learning. This dual approach and synergy between the app and website covers different areas of learning to give students test prep help no matter where they’re located.

The service already caught the attention of some notable backers. is partnered with the Public Information Technology Board of Pakistan and helps provide students prep materials for their exams. In addition, lists $4.3 billion-funded startup accelerator MassChallenge as a partner.

As shows, using your website and app together allows you give your audience access to your service no matter where they are in the world. This flexibility can then in turn make them more likely to continue using it. Of course, creating a website for your existing app starts with getting a memorable domain name, like has. Get the perfect branded domain name for your service and turn your app and website into the ultimate one-two punch.

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