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#GenXYZ代,大家好!我们希望你们享受奥运而八月不太热而早到凉快的地方。巧说热,我们高兴地宣布跟西部数码连起来在邮热闹优精品拍卖会!这拍卖会优很多难找到而非常可取地.xyz域名(就想口袋妖怪一模样),而方便在一个地方找到。这拍卖会8月17日开始到8月26日2016年结束,每一天有拍卖结束,而有可取地域名像,, 跟。


  1. 这拍卖会有80域名,包括3字母,3数字,4字母,4数字.xyz域名,像,,
  3. 拍卖一元起。
  4. 还有,这些域名不会含有保留价。每个域名都会有个赢家!最后。。。
  5. 这些域名还会续费在普通续费价!







祝您好运!,, & more: Rare 3-4 character .xyz auction (NO RESERVES) starting August 17!

Hey #GenXYZ, we hope you’re enjoying the Games while keeping cool from the August heat. Speaking of heat, we’re happy to announce another red-hot exclusive .xyz auction with! This auction is made up of highly-desirable and hard-to-find .xyz domain names (just like those Pokemon) that are conveniently available in one place for you to grab. This exclusive event, which features domains like,, and, will begin on August 17, with auctions closing each day until August 26, 2016.

August premium domains auction

  1. This exclusive auction will feature 80 3-letter, 3-number, 4-letter, and 4-number .xyz domains, such as,,, and
  2. Bidding for each domain starts at 1RMB.
  3. As an added bonus, these domain names will be sold at NO RESERVE! These domains will have winners! And Lastly…
  4. These domain names will renew at standard prices – no premium renewal fees!

For the full list of premium 3N, 3L, 4N, and 4L domains available for auction, as well as auction rules, visit

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Happy bidding and good luck!

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