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As summer blockbusters start to leave the silver screen, it’s time to turn our attention to the smaller stories that fill our everyday lives. #WebsiteWednesday is dedicated to hunting down those hard-to-find .xyz stories and sharing them with the world. From an adaptation of a book by an obscure author, to a new take on the British period drama, this week’s #WebsiteWednesday makes sure to tell the stories that really need to be told – we can’t wait to introduce you to the storytellers:


Formerly, the UK-based film and television production company now redirects their old domain to the shorter and more memorable Started as a vision on opposite shores of the Atlantic by Graeme A. Scott and Kathy A. LoPrimo, Dover Street pairs numerous Academy and Emmy Award winning directors, producers, and cinematographers from around the world with smaller stories that would otherwise go unnoticed. This has resulted in unforgettable and powerful works that have appeared on the BBC, Channel 4, Showtime, PBS, and HBO.

We are always amazed by the incredible stories created by our end users around the world, and if Dover Street’s 2016 slate is any indication, they have quite a few tales in store for us. One of their current projects, The Last Hope, is directed by Academy Award winner Karen Goodman. The international cast and crew travels to different locations around the world to chronicle the journey of a little-known Italian NGO called Emergency, which provides free medical aid to people impacted by war.

With a mission of telling the stories that need to be told to the widest audience possible, Dover Street made the right choice by switching to a .xyz domain that is not only recognized on both sides of the pond, but also around the globe. sheds light on incredible tales and is an inspiration for all of #GenXYZ. Grab your .xyz domain to start sharing your own untold stories today.

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