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Web3 developers are using .xyz domains to revolutionize industries with innovative platforms that leverage the power of blockchain technology. NFT platform aims to revolutionize the way brands interact with and retain their customers. Web3 startup strives to disrupt the loyalty program industry with a decentralized rewards marketplace. Marketing platform aims to revolutionize the way marketers reach, engage, and attract customers. In this week’s #BlockchainThursday, we’ll introduce you to a restaurant loyalty program that aims to leverage blockchain technology to help restaurants and patrons from lasting connections: is the online home of Blackbird, an innovative restaurant loyalty program developed by Ben Leventhal, co-founder of online reservation platform Resy. The program combines the allure of NFTs with VIP experiences to create a platform that aims to foster meaningful connections between restaurants and their patrons. Through the program, diners can track their visits to participating restaurants, earning rewards for their loyalty, while restaurants can leverage the platform to gather customer data and engage with devoted fans. By tapping NFC-enabled stickers with their phones, customers can check in at restaurants, unlocking exclusive rewards typically reserved for regulars, investors, or friends of the owners. Blackbird seeks to revolutionize the restaurant industry by creating a digital asset, the restaurant NFT, that transforms the concept of being a regular into an accessible and valuable experience for all.

Restaurant NFT: The new digital asset

Ben Leventhal’s success with Resy showcased his understanding of diners’ desire for improved experiences. Blackbird introduces the concept of a restaurant NFT, a digital asset that represents exclusive benefits for its owners. By integrating NFTs into a loyalty program, Blackbird makes the elusive allure of being a regular accessible to everyone. Blackbird is built on Base, which is an Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain designed to provide a secure and cost-effective environment for building decentralized applications on the blockchain. Base offers developers a user-friendly platform for on-chain development.

Building meaningful connections between restaurants and customers

At its core, Blackbird’s mission is to facilitate meaningful relationships between restaurants and their customers. Through the loyalty program, diners can easily track their visits to participating restaurants, earning rewards for their loyalty. At the same time, restaurants can leverage the platform to gather valuable customer data, connect with devoted fans, and engage in fundraising initiatives. Blackbird empowers both parties to establish enduring relationships that extend beyond a single meal.

Simple check-Ins and digital punch cards

Participating in the Blackbird loyalty program is as simple as tapping one’s phone to NFC-enabled stickers located at restaurant entrances and registers. Each tap acts as a check-in, unlocking exclusive rewards typically reserved for regulars, investors, or friends of the owners. Diners can conveniently track their progress and rewards through Blackbird’s website and upcoming app, which employs digital punch cards or NFTs unique to each restaurant. This digital innovation ensures a seamless and engaging experience for patrons.

Looking towards the future: Shaping the future of hospitality technology

Blackbird’s vision extends beyond its current offerings. The platform aims to connect restaurants and customers directly, using cutting-edge software to nurture enduring relationships. Blackbird aims to shape the future of hospitality technology by partnering with renowned restaurants, including Upside Pizza, a New York-based chain. Through these collaborations, Blackbird provides innovative solutions that benefit both diners and establishments. uses the branded email address [email protected] to correspond with visitors and potential restaurant partners, which helps to generate trust. When you have an email address directly associated with your domain name, visitors can use that email address to find your website and have confidence that they’re reaching out to the appropriate contact.

We are inspired by the innovation demonstrated by Ben Leventhal and You can learn more by joining the Discord, following the platform on Twitter and Instagram @Blackbird_xyz, and by visiting

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