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Throughout our #WebsiteWednesday series in March, we will be taking a look at members of the .xyz community of adopters who have made it their mission to help others continue to learn and grow in their careers. If you’re a web developer or hopeful future dev looking to bolster your skills and add a few new tricks to your arsenal, then you’ll want to take a bite out of our #WebsiteWednesday subject this week: seeks to bring a more inclusive approach to developer education online through free informational blog posts, tutorials, and even IRL conferences. The service was founded in 2017 by an experienced dev known in coding circles as @signalnerve (or simply Kristian) who first began sharing his knowledge on coding via his YouTube channel in 2013.

Kristian has since grown his coder education network to include thousands of followers on YouTube and Twitter. 2018 marked the first-ever Byteconf event, a free developer conference series organized under the banner. The event debuted on Twitch to an audience of nearly a thousand viewers worldwide. Byteconf events are now held both in-person and online, and are free for all to attend. Participants simply require a device and an internet connection to take part.

Following the success of Byteconf, Kristian grew the offerings on to include guest posts from other respected coders.’s blog post topics range from programming tool recommendations and reviews to guides for getting started in new languages and even career advice for young devs looking to make their way in the competitive coding industry.

The site also features a weekly newsletter, which covers software development news along with information on upcoming Byteconf events. You can also enter the monthly giveaway, which offers free web dev courses and software to fans and members of the developer community. This month, is giving away a course valued at $180 completely free to one lucky fan.

Whether you are an experienced developer looking to round out your skillset or a relatively new dev looking to bolster your abilities, the community is set up with the aim to help you reach your coding goals. If you’re interested in attending a Byteconf event or would like to get regular news on, be sure to subscribe to their newsletter to stay in the loop.

Once you’ve honed your coding skills with tutorials and advice from and you’re ready to launch your own special project online, follow Kristian’s lead and do it with your own .xyz domain!

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