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Your resume is sometimes the only chance you have to present your entire set of skills, professional and personal, to a potential employer. If you want to get the interview, you need to stand out from others with similar experience. If you want to be considered for the job, you need to make a memorable impression. You need to convince your potential new employer that they NEED to have you, and one of the strongest ways that you can do that is to show them who you are. That’s exactly what the creator of this week’s #WebsiteWednesday has done with his resume website: is the personal website of Chandler Griffin, a Computer Science student studying at the University of Florida. His site works as a digital resume, allowing him to list his work experience, career goals, extracurricular activities, and more, in a simple and easy-to-read format.

The layout of is visually clean and direct in its focus. Chandler creates an easy user experience for his website by utilizing a one-page design. One-page sites are simple to navigate on both desktop and mobile, and reading Chandler’s site on your phone can feel as if you are holding his resume in your hands. At the top of his homepage, Chandler shares a short but informative bio on who he is, what he’s done, and what his career goals are. He gives potential employers quick access to important contact methods by linking to a PDF of his resume, his email, and his LinkedIn and Github pages. Chandler also gives his resume a personal touch by adding his professional profile photo on the main homepage.

Well placed calls to action are essential to directing your website viewers to the information you want to show them. Chandler’s site uses an eye-catching animated call to action with bouncing text at the bottom of the first section, inviting visitors to scroll down and read further about his full work history.

In this next section, Chandler shares his past work experience and projects along with a helpful introduction that lists the skills he uses most. Clicking on icons for each of Chandler’s past jobs and organizations gives potential employers a full picture of his experience. This includes helping Disney Parks in Orlando build a software release tool, improving communication processes for verification systems used by American Express, and optimizing small freight operations at Home Depot by using statistically sound processes.

Chandler also shows site visitors the personal projects that round out his impressive resume, including serving as the lead organizer of Florida’s largest hackathon, SwampHacks, and Director of Marketing and Public Relations for his university’s First Time Programmers organization. These positions not only show Chandler’s well-rounded skill set but also lend insight into his personality and his passion for the coding community. Lastly, Chander shares the projects he’s worked on outside of his professional experience, which includes building a Solitaire game and a two-player tile-placement game called TigerIsland.

To add the final personal touch and give a full picture of himself to potential employers, Chandler rounds out his exceptional resume site with a short section about his personal interests. These show his relevant extracurricular activities, such as healthy outdoors activities like hiking and kayaking, and community leadership, such as serving as a teaching assistant for CodePath and as Director of the Engineering Leadership Forum during Engineers Week. Chandler’s site paints a complete picture of him, which is more than can be conveyed in a single page resume. Potential employers can feel almost as if they have met him personally.

Just like Chandler, you too have a unique personality and set of skills that set you apart and make you who you are. What better way to share that with potential new partners, employers, and the world as a whole than on your own personal resume site? Grab your site and build a page that could introduce you to your next great opportunity!

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