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Professionals across various industries are embracing the .xyz domain for their personal websites, highlighting its versatility and appeal in the digital landscape. Writer and book editor Jackson Howard uses to display his writing samples. Freelance director, editor and cameraperson Sarah Kuck highlights her career experiences on VFX artist Cody Samson showcases his work for Beyoncé and Coachella on In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a fashion industry professional who shares her career experiences using a “” domain:

Meet Christine Oh: Retail and fashion industry professional is the personal website of Christine Oh, a New York-based retail and fashion industry professional. Currently leading the planning division at luxury brand Loeffler Randall, Christine focuses on sustainably scaling the business and structuring merchandise and demand planning. Chistine’s background includes time at Walmart Inc., where she managed the Men’s Underwear category, overseeing both in-store and e-commerce sectors. Christine began her career in marketing at fashion brand Everlane, where she contributed to major product launches, celebrity dressing, and developing social strategies.  She also worked as a freelancer in Europe, enhancing brand marketing and establishing influencer partnerships for tech startup Norn.

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Christine’s extensive campaign work is accessible through her website’s clean and intuitive design. Her standout projects are prominently featured directly on the homepage, inviting visitors to delve into her portfolio. For Walmart, Christine shares that she was the comprehensive manager of the Men’s Underwear, Undershirts, and Thermals category, overseeing its multi-billion dollar business across e-commerce and U.S. stores. She was responsible for buying, planning, and positioning Walmart as a fashion destination, focusing on sales growth, profitability, and market share. Her strategy included financial planning, trend analysis, and optimizing merchandising both online and in-store. Christine introduced new brands and collaborated with existing ones to enhance the fashion appeal, while also leveraging marketing tools for storytelling and promotions. Her role also extended to data-driven site merchandising and effective visual merchandising in physical stores, balancing product assortment and customer experience. She also shares related press, including a 2020 article about how Walmart is collaborating with TikTok creators for shoppable live streams, allowing viewers to purchase featured fashion items directly on the platform, signaling a significant move in social commerce.1

During her time at Everlane, Christine shares how she played a crucial role in the success of the Day Collection, particularly the popular Day Heel. Her responsibilities spanned content creation, influencer and press engagement, and social media strategy. A key initiative involved the Day Market pop-up in San Francisco and New York. Christine facilitated partnerships for event enhancements and managed social media promotion and coverage, generating significant user-generated content. Additionally, Christine spearheaded a unique influencer and press seeding strategy, partnering with Tigers to Lilies for floral-themed shoe promotions, which garnered positive social media responses. Her social strategy involved various activations, including collaboration on promotional videos, Instagram giveaways, and creative teases for new product colors. Notably, an impromptu Instagram story highlighting the popularity of the Day Heel in the office resonated well with both employees and followers, boosting the product’s appeal. features a contact form and branded email address, which can make reaching out easier for interested collaborators

Christine’s Contact page is thoughtfully crafted to encourage collaboration and engagement. It features an easy-to-use contact form, inviting visitors to reach out effortlessly. She states on the page “Hit me up. We can work on cool campaigns and creative projects together.” This message signals her openness to collaboration inquiries, fostering a welcoming atmosphere for potential partners. Alongside this inviting call-to-action, her professionally branded email address [email protected] enhances her website’s trustworthiness and professionalism. This combination effectively balances approachability with a serious commitment to professional collaborations. You can learn more about Christine by following her on LinkedIn and Instagram, and by visiting


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