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Developers dedicated to advancing the adoption of web3 are launching their projects on .xyz domains. Decentralized crypto custodian aims to revolutionize the way crypto is stored. Generative art platform strives to make web3 technology more accessible. Crypto event is part of Coinbase’s efforts to build an accessible and user-friendly on-chain ecosystem. In this week’s #BlockchainThursday, we’ll introduce you to a platform that aims to simplify access to digital wallets: Striving to revolutionize web3 access for all is the online home of Dynamic, a web3 authenticator platform that aims to simplify access to digital wallets and bring web3 login to a wider audience. The platform offers a suite of tools enabling developers to create user-friendly web3 login experiences, catering to users with all levels of cryptocurrency knowledge. Supporting multiple blockchain networks including EVM, Solana, Starknet, Algorand, Cosmos, and Flow, Dynamic focuses on abstracting the complexities of wallet interactions. This approach aims to assist developers in focusing on their core products and enhancing user experiences. On December 13, 2023, Dynamic reported they had secured $13.5M in Series A funding from a16z crypto and Founders Fund.1

Multi Wallet: A solution aimed at straightforward and versatile web3 interactions

Dynamic’s innovative tools, including the Multi Wallet feature, are pivotal in enhancing user experience across various web3 platforms. Multi Wallet aims to streamline web3 interactions across a variety of platforms. It enables unified user profiles and asset aggregation in NFT marketplaces by integrating multiple wallets. In gaming, the feature helps users interact across multiple accounts within a single wallet. For DeFi applications, Multi Wallet facilitates the connection of numerous wallets, enhancing the trading experience, especially in multi-chain environments. The feature also provides membership sites with the capability for users to authenticate with one wallet while minting with another, accommodating interactions across both similar and different blockchains. This functionality demonstrates Dynamic’s focus on making web3 interactions more straightforward and versatile.

Empowering innovation: How Dynamic’s web3 solutions are assisting diverse companies 

The platform strives to empower a diverse range of companies to enhance their customer service. By exploring Dynamic’s Customers page, you can gain insight into how different organizations are leveraging Dynamic’s web3 solutions. Dynamic shares articles about clients such as,, and that detail the experiences they’ve had adopting Dynamic’s wallet solutions. Dynamic’s article about Evaluate, a peer-to-peer NFT trading platform, illustrates how incorporating Dynamic’s wallet solutions has impacted user experience, with a focus on streamlined, secure, and engaging digital collectible trading. Initially struggling with the complexities of managing multiple wallet types, Evaluate leveraged Dynamic to streamline its onboarding process, freeing up resources to enhance their app development. They have recently launched an SDK, allowing other Flow-based applications to integrate Evaluate’s unique chat and swap functionality, thereby broadening their impact in the NFT trading ecosystem.

Building trust through transparency offers an extensive array of resources and documentation to support its clients, in addition to its web3 solutions. This includes a changelog, which keeps users informed about the platform’s latest updates, improvements, and fixes. Such transparency in sharing detailed information about their platform’s evolution is crucial for building trust among users and developers. It demonstrates Dynamic’s commitment to continuous improvement and responsiveness to user feedback. You can learn more about building and optimizing trust s in our latest Quarterly Report.

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