Santa is making his list and checking it twice, because Christmas is coming up around the bend. Before we start gift shopping and dressing the tree, we’d like to introduce you to a selection of inspiring websites developed on the most festive domain extension in the XYZ Family: .Christmas

Festive and memorable .Christmas domains can promote your holiday gifts and services and make your holiday information easy to find online. From Santas-for-hire and Christmas music catalogs to holiday fun and games, here are .Christmas domains that can help instill holiday cheer:

SantaForACause.ChristmasNetwork Solutions customer

SantaForACause.Christmas is the online hub of Texas-based Mike Larrivee’s Santa-for-hire services. He boasts a career long enough to see two generations of children telling Santa what they most want for Christmas. 


Mike’s largest venue is the Highway 6 Parade of Lights, an annual fundraiser for the Texas Volunteer Firefighter Relief Fund. He waves and wishes a merry Christmas to thousands each year. He is available for hire for Christmas parties and special events, and has even been known to show up at individual homes for a little extra convincing that Santa Claus is real. Mike doesn’t charge nonprofits, schools, or hospitals for his Santa services. For private or corporate groups, he asks only for a donation to the Texas Volunteer Firefighter Relief Fund. You can book directly online or send an inquiry using the custom branded email address [email protected]. For more information, you can follow Mike on Facebook and visit SantaForACause.Christmas

NorthPoleSantaClaus.Christmas1API customer

NorthPoleSantaClaus.Christmas is another website offering unique Santa services – and then some. This Colorado-based Santa offers online visits straight from his office at the “North Pole.” Scheduling for the 5, 10, or 15 minute Online Visits opens in mid–October. 


In addition to Santa visits, there are lots of Christmas-themed resources to be found on NorthPoleSantaClaus.Christmas. Children can learn all about Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, the elves, and the flying reindeer. You can visit the Answers to Children’s Questions page for insight about the biggest Christmas mysteries such as “How does Santa deliver presents all over the world in one night?” and “How do reindeer fly?” Over on the Fun Family Things to Do page, you can find fun card games and coloring pages. You can learn more by visiting NorthPoleSantaClaus.Christmas.

NorthPoleMail.ChristmaseNom customer

NorthPoleMail.Christmas is the online hub of the North Pole Post Office. At least that’s what “Judy the Elf” would like to help you believe. As she is quoted on the homepage, “Seeing isn’t believing. Believing is seeing.”


This fun and child-friendly platform helps believers of all ages email letters and wish lists to Santa. This charming feature includes the branded email address [email protected], which can help those wish lists reach Santa in time.  There are additional features, such as Reviews of Christmas Books and Christmas TV Specials. One of Judy’s personal favorites is “Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town,” which first aired back on December 14, 1970. You can unwrap all the fun by visiting NorthPoleMail.Christmas.

Records.Christmas1API customer

Records.Christmas is a website that aims to “capture the variety, rich traditions, and sheer artistic quality of Christmas records.” The website primarily consists of Christmas music articles and a database of short album reviews, covering records from all regions of the world and of every type of Christmas music, from all decades of music history.


To help get you in the Christmas spirit, check out The Top 10 Christmas Albums of 2021 to find last year’s biggest Christmas hits from around the world. You can also read a review of Elvis’ Christmas Album, the best-selling Christmas Album of all time. You can learn more by visiting Records.Christmas.

Marathon.ChristmasGandi customer

Marathon.Christmas is the online home of Marathon Christmas, an annual 25-hour holiday music marathon on New Jersey-based radio station 103.3FM WPRB.


The winter-themed website operates as an online hub for the WPRB community excited about Christmas. Marathon.Christmas features archives of past marathons, updates about this year’s marathon, song request submissions, and more. WPRB welcomes any inquiries or feedback via the branded email address [email protected]. A custom email address like this can help generate trust. When you have an email address directly associated with your domain name, customers can use that email address to find your website and feel assured that they’re reaching out to the appropriate person. You can learn more by visiting Marathon.Christmas. customer 

Lastly, all this talk about Christmas might have you wondering just how close we are to the big day. Christmas-tracker HowLongTo.Christmas can help you answer that immediately.  


Austria-based advertising agency Villa Marianne designed the Santa-themed Christmas countdown which displays just how many days, hours, minutes, and seconds are left until Christmas morning. Santa’s tell-tale beard and mustache adorn the screen directly under the timer, which can help children of all ages get ready for their favorite holiday of the year. You can check it out for yourself at HowLongTo.Christmas.

With so many festive projects coming to life, now is a great time to launch your idea on a .Christmas domain of your own. 

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