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The .xyz community is home to many startups that have recognized emerging trends and have used innovation and forward-thinking to develop new services to meet the changing needs of our society. Digital talent measurement solution aims to automate recruitment workflow, assess candidates’ skills, and map a complete employee development lifecycle. Learning tool leverages hand recognition technology paired with machine learning to help teach American Sign Language. Full-stack DeFi aggregator is designed to deliver a wide variety of decentralized finance products and related solutions all on one platform. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a Brooklyn-based startup that helps the growing number of remote organizations quickly and easily facilitate catering and virtual experiences for its teams: is a catering and event service tailored for remote teams, with options including pizza, burgers, salads, virtual happy hours, Bingo, trivia, and more. Customers can visit to arrange an event for people spread out in various different places. Sign up, select your chosen food items or events, and says they will take care of the rest. On the day of the event, just join your virtual meeting and the food items will be delivered to each guest.

Boosting morale in remote environments can be a challenge. founder Josh Gross knows this because he is also a founder and managing partner of remote digital agency Planetary. When attempting to organize a pizza party for remote workers proved to be difficult, he had the idea to develop The app helps you order pizza for your remote team and keep track of everyone’s preferences. can help remote teams bond and build morale by bringing the team together for a fun and interactive experience.

Josh and his agency launched in 2019, and then relaunched in 2020 during the pandemic shutdowns and sudden growth in remote teams and work-from-home arrangements. The service began receiving orders for parties as large as 30 people, and the number of parties per month steadily increased. As popularity grew, additional food items, like coffee and breakfast items, and virtual events hosted by DJs or stand-up comedians were added to the service’s menu of options.’s homepage boasts satisfied clients including athletic apparel brand Nike, music streaming service Spotify, and software company Adobe. They also share 5-star reviews from clients such as food manufacturer General Mills, online marketplace Amazon, and finance corporation Capital One. An executive assistant from Amazon writes that “takes away the huge time consumption it normally would take if I had to place orders for everyone manually or if I had to send them all gift cards and expense everything, one by one.” A representative from Capital One shared that is “the best option to use when planning a virtual lunch for teams across multiple sites and locations.”

Josh and his team have scored the handle on Instagram, which makes them easily discoverable and promotes their website URL right in the handle. We are inspired by the forward-thinking demonstrated by Josh to develop the unique services provided by This time-saving and morale-boosting service further demonstrates that the .xyz community is home to true innovators. You can learn more by visiting

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