We’ve been looking deep through the XYZ archives and have found gems of gems that we’re excited to uncover!

#TBT to June 2014

This was the month that .xyz globally launched and we visited our friends at GoDaddy on an epic road trip.


This also marked the debut of the highly coveted, limited-edition .xyz shirt that we simply refer to as the “deep v.”


We couldn’t think of a better way to honor this exclusive deep v with a website of its own:

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 8.01.14 PM

As the team behind the versatile domain for every website, everywhere, we wanted to also express the versatility of the deep v itself. Whether you’re running a meeting, on the go, or out socializing at the club, the deep v is all you need.

This one’s a #TBT because we’ve discontinued the special deep v. But who knows. With the ever increasing demand for these, we just might bring it back.

Where would you sport your .xyz deep v? Tweet us @xyz and let us know!

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