#GenXYZ, .Rent is now live for trademark holders!

Did you know that real estate contributes to 18% of America’s GDP? Covering such a massive industry, .Rent is the new way to generate leads and close deals in an ever-booming sector.

Now that we’re officially in .Rent’s Sunrise Period, trademark holders can register their exact marks in .Rent. Just like other new domain launches, trademark holders are required to submit a valid SMD file in order to participate.

.Rent is the perfect opportunity for individuals and businesses to list their properties, assets, and services. And it’s not just limited to the real estate industry. If you think about it, you can rent, lease, charter, or hire, just about anything that you own for your business!

I know your entrepreneurial juices are flowing now, #GenXYZ. Trademark holder or not, learn how YOU can register the .Rent domains for your assets at

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