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The .xyz community is home to many innovative and notable NFT projects. NFT-driven membership community presents members with assorted perks like exclusive access to live concerts. Paramount Global uses to promote Hello Kitty and Friends World, a globe-trotting NFT adventure featuring six Hello Kitty characters who can travel to eight different cities around the world. In this week’s #BlockchainThursday, we’ll introduce you to a new NFT collection from artist Daniil Dolia that helps holders enter the Meowverse: is the online home of artist and game developer Daniil Dolia’s second cat-focused NFT collection, Dolia Cats. Daniil’s first NFT collection, Dolia Cats Genesis, sold out in less than 24 hours in September 2022. Each Dolia Cats NFT from the new collection will grant its holder the ability to enter a community known as the Meowverse, an ecosystem that will incorporate games, a decentralized finance platform, and more.1

The collection includes 9,999 unique Dolia Cats NFTs that are stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Daniil formed the collection at random from a pool of more than 150 assets spread out over seven trait categories. A Dolia Cat can have up to seven traits, which means that there are thousands of potential combinations. If you’re not happy with your Dolia Cat NFT, you can play games in the Meowverse to earn the ecosystem’s MEELK cryptocurrency, and use it to upgrade your NFT with new features and traits. Profits from the mint and Meowverse are intended to be donated to cat-focused charities from across the world. has an imaginative origin story.  Many years ago on the MeoWorld, the Dolia Cats faced a cataclysmic event that threatened the future of their species. 9,999 Dolia Cats boarded a spaceship and fled the planet right before it exploded. The Dolia Cats traveled through space and eventually settled on Earth in the laps of humans, more specifically the human holders of Dolia Cat NFTs. 

Daniil and his team upgraded the platform’s domain from to the web3-friendly As they announce on the outdated website,  “Hey! It’s nice to see you here, but we’ve moved to another domain with true web3 experience.“ We are proud to have NFT platforms like defining the .xyz community, and look forward to continued successful NFT launches. You can learn more by following Daniil on Twitter, by following the platform on Twitter and Discord, and by visiting


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