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The .xyz community consists of many accomplished individuals using .xyz to highlight their creative work, passions, and career experiences. Political satirist Bassem Youssef uses to share his media appearances, upcoming shows, and press clippings. Successful entrepreneur Matt Gray uses to promote his coaching and training services. Multidisciplinary artist Nina Fraser displays her creative work on In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to an accomplished product designer who showcases his career experiences on his own personal website: is the personal website of Meta product designer Josh Nelson. The Seattle-based designer shares on his website that he has worked with a diverse team of engineers, user experience researchers, data scientists, and more to develop products that are used by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Josh considers himself a “technology futurist” and thrives in spaces that enable quick learning with opportunities to refine. With previous roles at tech companies such as digital solutions firm EvenVision and running his own wedding videography company, Josh uses to share the many skills and talents he has developed over the course of his career.

Josh’s work is displayed in a well-organized manner for visitors to easily navigate. The homepage of has a photograph of Josh alongside the words “Designer | Entrepreneur | Storyteller.” He shares his experience at Meta, focused on enterprise design solutions that accelerate Meta’s human resources. Josh also presents his experience at EvenVision, where he “wore every hat from Product Manager, Programmer, Client Manager, Product Designer to design leader.” He also shares detailed samples from his small business agency work from the years 2012-2019, which he states were instrumental in his development. One such example is Humboldt Pest Control, a company that desired a new website to replace their outdated one. The brand was so pleased with his work that they reached out nearly two years later for help in driving traffic to their website. Eventually Josh was managing the long-term client relationships and designing innovative solutions for their business.

Visitors can also visit Josh’s About page, where he shares his bio and some talents that he has developed including creative storytelling and problem-solving analysis. Below his bio, Josh provides a CTA to download his resume which provides a detailed view of Josh’s experiences and can help potential clients keep him at top of mind. Josh also shares testimonials from past clients and colleagues, which serves as social proof of his skills. A former colleague named Kim writes “Over the past few years, I have worked closely with Josh on numerous projects. Time and time again, he has proven to have great communication skills and an exceptional eye for UI/UX design.” features a Contact page, where Josh shares his social media handles and a means to send him an email. This is a great resource that makes it simple for potential collaborators or fans to reach out and make contact. You can learn more about the benefits of Contact pages in our latest Quarterly Report. You can learn more about Josh by following him on LinkedIn and by visiting

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