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Tomorrow is the first day of Autumn, #GenXYZ! Taking a walk through the city in the cool air to see leaves changing colors is a great way to spend a fall afternoon. But what if there was a way to make exploring your town on foot even better? This week’s #WebsiteWednesday will enhance your walkabout by adding a whole new dimension:


Echoes is an app that turns your average stroll into a culturally immersive experience by using your phone’s location to trigger audio interactions connected to landmarks around you. As you are walking, “echoes” consisting of music, stories, and interesting facts relating to your surroundings will play. Not sure where to go? The echoes will guide you along your own private walking tour. For example, if you find yourself exploring a new city like Red Hook, New York, you can use the Echoes app to discover its rich history and unearth the unique quirks it has to offer.

But perhaps the most innovative feature of Echoes is that it allows anyone to upload content, fostering a community of users that collaborate and share tours they’ve created. Users can add echoes through the website or on the app, allowing the community to interact with each other on the platform they are most comfortable using. Echoes also partners with towns to develop customized tours, extracting knowledge from the people who know them best. Our favorite example of this is an audio tour of Sussex, which highlights the city’s rich film history. The app ensures that your sightseeing adventure will be culturally enriching, educational, and unforgettable.

Fittingly, Echoes was created through a community campaign launched on IndieGoGo that raised more than its financial goal. It also received thousands of dollars in funding from the Embassy of Denmark Cultural Development and Exchange Fund in Hanoi. Echoes has taken the support they received in their initial campaign and created a truly inspiring augmented reality app. Just like .xyz, Echoes designed a platform which provides its international community of users an open space to educate and collaborate with one another. Their innovative spirit makes a great example of how #GenXYZ is using .xyz domains to connect with each other and create revolutionary new technology.

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