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With adoption in 230 countries, .xyz is the platform for businesses and individuals to connect with their global audience on an international domain. But what if your audience doesn’t speak the same language as you do? Well, there’s a [Weebly] app for that now – and in this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, Martín Massera tells us how your message can be heard in any language with

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Multilanguage is a Weebly app that lets your visitors easily change the language of your website to the one that best suits them. Their intuitive design allows for visitors to easily switch languages at the click of a button, while maintaining your website’s visual appeal. Multilanguage also works on mobile to ensure a great experience no matter what device your visitors connect from.

We reached out to Martín Massera, creator of the app, to learn more about

XYZ: What was your inspiration to start Multilanguage?

Martín Massera: It actually started because a friend wanted to have many languages in his Weebly site. I love Weebly because it lets you add your own code and edit the HTML and CSS of your site, so I decided to create a simple javascript code that would selectively show pages according to which language the user wanted to see. I then posted it on a blog just so that other people could benefit from it, and the response was amazing…

How do you see your app?

I always saw the app as two things: covering a real need for users, and also as a channel of self expression. I expressed my values in the app, being as open, giving and carefree (not careless!) as I could. I deliberately let users extend their trial period as much as they need, and I give free accounts to all who need.

Tell us about the reason you choose a .xyz for your domain?

It has this thing about the alphabet, language, that goes well with the Multilanguage theme. It also sounds fresh, new. It’s not “techy”… I considered .io but I didn’t want Multilanguage to be a “tech startup,” I wanted to reach individuals and small businesses, just like Weebly.

What are your goals for Multilanguage and can you share with us any exciting new features to look forward to (i.e. languages, services, etc.)

I’d love one of two things to happen: that we become the top reference for Multilanguage in Weebly, or that Weebly adopts Multilanguage into the platform itself. I just teamed up with a person in France to take the app to the next level. We are going to be working on usability, improving the user experience a lot, and also we are thinking about inline translations, as well as to offer automatic and manual translation services.

The ability to communicate is crucial to building strong communities. connects you with people all over the world, regardless of what country your website comes from. Bringing people together by eliminating language barriers? Sounds like Martín is speaking our language!

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