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Just over two years ago when our CEO Daniel Negari launched .xyz, he envisioned a future where entrepreneurs could build websites for their innovative ideas on memorable domain names. Since then we’ve seen the #GenXYZ community grow to include some of the biggest influencers in tech. This list now includes Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), who was just featured in TechCrunch for this week’s #WebsiteWednesday:


MIT recently announced that they were launching a new type of startup accelerator designed to simplify the path for entrepreneurs bringing truly impactful technologies to market. Marking this monumental event, MIT’s President, L. Rafael Reif, wrote this open letter:

It will supply the particular combination of resources they need to develop and bring to market innovations that address society’s most important challenges. We’re calling it The Engine.

If we hope to deliver serious technological solutions to urgent global challenges … we need to make sure the innovators working on those problems see a realistic pathway to the marketplace.”

As a world renowned leader in developing breakthrough technology – with alumni who have founded notable companies like Texas Instruments and Intel – MIT plans to draw on $175 million in funding from the university and its investors to aid resident companies at The Engine. The venture currently occupies 26,000 square-feet of lab space on campus with plans to expand to over 200,000 square-feet. MIT has also established an online marketplace of specialized equipment, space, and services called the Engine Room. This marketplace acts as a network to connect Boston’s disruptive thinkers and gives them access to the tools and space needed to develop their technologies.

MIT chose to use because it speaks directly to the next generation that will be solving these global problems. It has created a platform for its students to bring their innovation to a global audience, just as others in the #GenXYZ community have done before them. With MIT now joining the .xyz ranks, it’s just a matter of time until more disruptors in the program introduce their ideas to the world using .xyz.

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