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With our pet friendly office, we are reminded every day of the joy that animals bring to so many people’s lives. Whether it’s that exciting greeting you get every time you come home from work or a soft couch-buddy curled up next to you, nothing compares to the companionship pets give you. Even if you don’t have a dog or cat in your life, we can all agree that every pet deserves a loving home. Unfortunately, many of these animals get left behind and the life of a stray pet can be extremely difficult. Fortunately, our #WebsiteWendesday this week has made it their mission to help these animals get everything they need, with or without an owner:


You may have first read about in our August blog post celebrating the Olympics. But with this past Saturday being National Cat Day, we decided to take a deeper look at a group that truly cares for cats and their canine counterparts. Empati (the Turkish translation for “empathy”) is an organization based in Istanbul that is saving the lives of the many stray cats and dogs in their city. By building homes, collecting food, and raising money for these animals, Empati protects strays from illness, starvation, and gives them the nourishment and care they deserve.

Empati’s website includes in-depth tutorials on how to build dog or cat houses, and showcasing how simple it is for anyone to help the animals around them. With their map feature, you can easily help save a stray by pinpointing the nearest shelter in Istanbul. These pets then find new homes by having their profiles shared on social media. When it’s that easy to help a furry friend in need, who could walk away from faces as cute as this:


The well-being of stray animals is not a problem unique to Istanbul, and Empati uses their short, brandable .xyz URL to expand their influence worldwide. With this creative take on saving pets, Empati is inspiring #GenXYZ to care for animals who need a helping hand – or a loving ear-scratch.

If you’re inspired by’s work and want to make a difference with your own .xyz domain, head over to our Turkish partners Natro and Isimtescil to take advantage of their limited time sales!

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