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The .xyz community is home to many talented visual creatives and design professionals using .xyz to showcase their work and further their careers. Visual effects specialist showcases his professional film and television experience. Programmer shares their Unity3D, C++, JavaScript, and Ionic-based gaming projects. Visual effects (VFX) designer Yue Jia uses to share his experiences as a real-time VFX artist and to host online courses for aspiring VFX creators looking to develop their skills. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to an accomplished designer who displays their 3D design experience on a personal website with a memorable and unique domain: is the personal website of Erindale Woodford, a skilled 3D designer, artist, and software instructor living in Manchester, England. Erindale teaches coursework in Blender, a leading 3D computer graphics software toolset, through their popular YouTube channel, which has over 32,000 subscribers and over one million views. With a focus on 3D design’s usage for the built environment (like buildings and spaces created or modified by people), Erindale specializes in Geometry Nodes and Sverchok tools in the Blender suite.

Each project in Erindale’s portfolio demonstrates a strong skill set that may intrigue aspiring designers and catch the attention of potential collaborators. One project, titled Blender Splash, details Erindale’s accomplishment in having 3D design work selected and immortalized on the Blender splash screen. When a user opens the Blender software application, the splash screen appears in the center of the window, and contains options to create new projects or open recently opened files. The splash itself is a vivid piece of graphic art designed using Blender, and is updated on occasions such as new version updates and launches. Erindale’s splash artwork was used for Blender version 2.93, and features a sunlit work table inside a potting shed. The still life shows ornate vessels of flowers primed for a floral arrangement. Everything in the scene is created using Blender’s Geometry Nodes tool. Another lifelike project, called Pit Camper, is one of Erindale’s personal side projects aimed to be used as the main setting for a pending animated film titled “The Pit.” The setting is of a realistic, muddied camper positioned in rocky terrain. The camper is complete with a lounge chair perched on top for catching summer rays.

Erindale’s widely used YouTube channel features over 100 resourceful video tutorials, including the most popular title, “Procedural Bricks with Blender 2.9 – Blender Shader Node Tutorial,” which now has 56K views. Throughout, there are helpful links to Erindale’s YouTube tutorials. For example, Erindale’s portfolio contains a project titled Environments, featuring rich landscapes of a wooded trail, intricate rock formations, and an intimate rope bridge. In the project description, Erindale explains that creating foliage distributions has become more straightforward with the use of Geometry Nodes and points those interested in learning how to replicate the rope bridge scene to visit their “Parametric Rope Bridge for Blender 3.0” tutorial on YouTube. Over on Erindale’s Blog page, visitors can read a post about Erindale’s passion for teaching and their thoughtful development of coursework for other educational platforms, like Canopy Games and Futurly. This post also provides links to the online courses, including options like “Blender Creative Suite,” “Geometry Nodes,” and “Blender for Parametric Design.”

With Erindale’s realistic 3D projects and valuable experiences cohesively displayed on, website visitors can discover a variety of work examples and take advantage of online training opportunities. The straightforward navigation makes it easy for visitors to get a strong sense of Erindale’s abilities and expertise, and even consider Erindale for collaboration.

Many accomplished visual artists like Erindale are showcasing their skillful work on .xyz domains. You can see more of Erindale’s work and take advantage of their online instruction by following them on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, or by visiting

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