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While it may not seem so long ago that 3D printing was first making its way into our public consciousness, the industry has been taking huge strides forward both technologically and creatively. You can see the progress made in both these areas woven together beautifully by this week’s #WebsiteWednesday;

Founded by classically trained sculptor Rob Arps, is a specialized 3D printing company that offers a full menu of 3D printing services like 3D scanning, 3D sculpting, “machining” (using CNC milling for larger scale projects), and of course, 3D printing. Those services alone would make a leading 3D printing option for any project, but where truly stands apart is through their team’s impressive artistic knowledge and skills.

After you’ve commissioned a project with their team employs the use of dimensional forms, or scaled versions of print projects. Next, they use a sculpting-influenced method to shape and design your print by hand. This model is then scanned and designed in the computer and 3D printed at scale. So, whether you asked for a massive life-size 3D print of a cowboy riding his horse or an intricately designed bust of a pharaoh in full dress, the end result will always be an ultra-realistic masterpiece.

The secret behind’s beautiful designs and industry-leading products lies in the team’s love of sculpting and commitment to preserving creativity in printed art. practices what they preach, and hold frequent workshops and events that teach tech and art fans alike about 3D printing tech, the advancements it has seen in recent years, and the ways they can utilize 3D printing to add success to their businesses.

Seeing as is made up of a team of skilled artists, it’s no surprise that the site is a work of art unto itself. Each page features a pastel-colored border around an equally brightly colored page background whose color combination changes upon each visit.’s branding prowess is also seen at the bottom of each page, where their visualization of a 3D graph shows the x, y, and z axes that are critical to 3D printing (pictured above). The short paragraphs and welcoming font make each page easy to read, from their about section to the list of services, to lab updates announcing fellowships and awards won by’s team.

By combining a passion for art with a deep knowledge of printing tech, is pushing their industry forward and breaking new ground in the creative and business worlds. Sign up for’s newsletter to stay up to date on their latest creations, or start shaping your own artful website by getting your .xyz domain today.

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