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Fast growth has become the true measure of success for startups, and so it makes sense that one of the most talked-about marketing terms today is “growth hacking.” This marketing strategy is designed to get massive growth in a short time through rapid experimentation and innovation. So how do you determine which marketing distribution channels you should experiment with first? And how do you measure that your efforts are working? Startups without a growth marketing expert within their ranks can look to this week’s #WebsiteWednesday,, for help with that. is a privately held growth marketing agency based in Pune, India. Their team of digital marketers, growth hackers, data analysts, and content specialists offer startups and businesses the expertise and tools they need to help them grow quickly.

You can find real-life examples of the effect has had on businesses in the Case Studies section of their website. Fitato, a membership solution that gives users access to multiple gyms and fitness studios, sought the help of to gain memberships to their platform. Through a mix of digital marketing techniques and website optimization, has been able to quadruple Fitato’s monthly app installs and increase revenue by 25%. can help businesses at a few different stages of their growth: Prototype, Product/Market Fit, and Growth. As part of the Prototype stage, can help businesses create their minimum viable product and launch their idea through market research, defining a go-to-market strategy, and even helping them find the right product development team.

For businesses that have successfully created and launched the first version of their product, can measure what’s working and what’s not by defining key tracking metrics and implementing a tight feedback loop as part of the Product/Market Fit stage. Finally, the Growth stage can benefit businesses with a well-tested product, as helps them figure out their most valuable user acquisition channels and refine their strategies in order to push that product to achieve maximum growth as quickly as possible.

Another example is their work with Yuyutsu Systems, a holistic IT system and Admin Service Provider that hired to position their company in a non-traditional way that would appeal to a digital audience. To do so, created a series of quirky illustrations that visually explained Yuyutsu Systems’ offerings in a humorous and engaging way. We especially liked how depicted the issue of unauthorized access using an illustration of farm animals exploring an office’s cubicles.

For marketing tips and tricks, visit’s blog. The articles cover content marketing ideas, like finding the right typography for your brand and how to successfully take risks with copywriting, as well as ways to optimize your website and blog. They also provide guidance on marketing trends, such as marketing to millennials and the keys to approaching content marketing.

If you have a business that needs help growing, you can reach out to on their Contact page or email them at [email protected]. Connect with on LinkedIn to see the latest new blog posts and get updates on job openings.

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