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The .xyz community is home to a range of web3 platforms designed to empower users with varying levels of blockchain expertise. Web3 platform wants to revolutionize creator engagement and digital ownership. NFT platform aims to simplify technical barriers for creators. Web3 platform aims to be a gateway to simplified DeFi. In this week’s #BlockchainThursday, we’ll introduce you to a web3 platform designed to help anyone easily deploy web3 communities and marketplaces:

Introducing Decentralized membership management is the online home of Galaxis, a decentralized NFT membership card-based community management platform designed to empower communities of any size or nature. It provides a versatile framework for community building and management without imposing specific constraints on their form or structure. Through a web interface designed to be easy-to-use, Galaxis fosters the creation of personalized membership cards tailored to showcase each community’s unique identity and values. The platform offers a range of features including membership management, engagement tools, incentivization mechanisms, and a built-in community economy, utilizing web3 technologies to promote accountability, independence, and self-sustainability. Galaxis connects communities globally through unique NFT cards that offer added benefits, discounts, and gamification elements, fostering a brighter future of collaborative and thriving communities. In February 2024, CoinMarketCap, a source for crypto market capitalizations, pricing and information, announced the incubation of Galaxis, showcasing its potential to revolutionize the digital collectibles market. 1In March 2024, Galaxis introduced Dynamic NFTs that evolve based on real-world events. Utilizing Chainlink oracles, which act as trusted sources of real-world data that connect with blockchain smart contracts, Galaxis introduces off-chain data to the blockchain. This technology can help collectors engage with their NFTs in an interactive manner and is designed to enhance the overall sports collecting experience. 2The platform has helped celebrities like Mike Tyson, Steve Aoki, and NBA athlete LaMelo Ball innovate in the NFT space.3

Reshaping the digital collectibles market

The platform offers a range of services aimed at empowering communities and transforming the digital collectibles market. Through its decentralized membership card-based platform, Galaxis provides tools for community management, engagement, and incentivization. Users can create personalized membership cards tailored to reflect their community’s identity and values. Galaxis supports various features such as membership management, utility traits, gamification, and a built-in community economy powered by GLX tokens. Additionally, Galaxis leverages web3 technologies to help ensure accountability, independence, and self-sustainability for communities of all sizes. With its innovative approach, Galaxis aims to redefine digital interaction and ownership norms while fostering vibrant and thriving communities worldwide.

Enhancing membership experience and community engagement

Additionally, Galaxis provides users with the ability to enhance their membership cards through unique traits and features, such as redeemable physical or digital traits and online meeting capabilities. These traits allow community members to personalize their experience and engage more deeply with their respective communities. Furthermore, Galaxis offers discount coupons and a staking system using GLX tokens, providing additional incentives for community participation and growth. Through strategic partnerships and collaborations,Galaxis strives to expand its reach and position itself as a leading platform for decentralized community management and digital collectibles innovation.

The benefits of branded social media handles

Acquiring matching, branded social media handles such as @galaxisxyz on X/Twitter and LinkedIn aligns with a cohesive and recognizable online presence across platforms, enhancing brand visibility and accessibility for its community. Consistent branding fosters trust and credibility among users, which can make it easier for them to find and engage with Galaxis content and updates on social media. Furthermore, having a unified social media presence helps Galaxis communicate its message, share updates, and engage with its audience in a coherent and impactful manner, ultimately strengthening its online community and brand identity. You can learn more about the platform by joining the Discord, following on X/Twitter @galaxisxyz and LinkedIn @galaxisxyz, and by visiting


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