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Just like no man is an island, no business can do it all. Small and medium sized businesses are especially vulnerable to getting overwhelmed by tasks their company simply isn’t prepared to handle. But even large multinationals occasionally need assistance in areas which are not their core-competency. So when companies like British Airways, Canon, Dell, Nokia, and others need the help, they turn to this week’s

geniusgroupxyz is a conglomerate of eight leading professional service providers, each specializing in a unique service area. Each branch of Genius Group works independently of the others, but strategizes with the company as a whole. When your company needs to register a business in a new country, the group will make it happen. Genius is proficient in accounting, consulting, design, legal, marketing, staffing, technology, and translation.

Genius Group counts clients in aviation such as Qatar Airways and British Airways as their clients. Technology companies like Sony, Dell, Microsoft, Canon, as well as Vodafone and Nokia also rely on Genius for some of their projects. Even consumer goods firm Nestle and energy companies like Total can be counted as’s clients.

“Genius Group is driven by a thirst for knowledge and the courage to explore uncharted waters. We will not only live up to our reputation as a leading innovator in the field but also strive to enhance it.” – website

More than 10,000 followers get the latest business tips and tricks through Genius’ twitter page and many follow their updates on Linkedin and Facebook. With their genius domain, they are confident to handle any business challenge you throw at them.’s pioneering spirit aligns with .xyz’s vision for the next generation of the internet. Follow them on social media or connect with them today on their website.

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