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The .xyz community is home to forward-thinking innovators aimed at revolutionizing industries. Retail tech company is geared towards transparent and sustainable commerce. Tech startup focuses on enhancing GPS precision. Payroll platform merges traditional financial services with innovative technology to reshape payroll management. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to an investing platform geared towards revolutionizing the venture capital and startup investment industry:

Expanding community investment: How PIN connects diverse networks and facilitates access to startup ventures is the online home of PIN, which stands for ’’power in numbers,” a venture-backed startup that evolved from a student-run investment club at Stanford University. Originally part of the Stanford 2020 initiative, which was a venture fund created by students to invest in their peers’ startup projects, PIN now aims to extend this community investment model to a broader array of groups, including influential networks like Stanford and Harvard alumni, Y Combinator and Sequoia Arc founders, and Coinbase early employees. Founded by Steph Mui, the company provides essential infrastructure such as legal and tax support, a back-office framework, and a platform for managing investments and networking. PIN supports community investment clubs in scaling their operations, seeking capital, and fostering connections among members by charging a software-as-a-service (SaaS) fee. PIN successfully raised a $5.6 million seed funding round, which was led by Initialized Capital and included investments from GSR, Industry, NEA, and Canaan.1

PIN’s mission to open doors for all investors

PIN is dedicated to democratizing the investment landscape by lowering the barriers that have traditionally restricted early-stage investment opportunities to accredited investors and institutions. Emphasizing a community-driven approach, PIN supports both accredited and unaccredited investors, facilitating broader access to exclusive investment opportunities alongside top venture capital firms. The platform manages all the necessary legal, tax, and administrative tasks, enabling community leaders to focus on expanding their networks and raising capital more effectively.

Introducing Bounties to empower community-driven hiring

PIN is poised to enhance its platform with the introduction of a new feature known as Bounties, aimed at revolutionizing the hiring process within the startup ecosystem. Identified on as “coming soon” (as of June 18, 2024), this innovative product is geared towards helping anyone to act as a recruiter by referring candidates for specific roles, with founders offering bounties ranging from $2,000 to $10,000 for successful referrals. Designed to streamline the recruitment process, the Bounties feature will integrate with PIN’s investment platform, helping communities to support their startups with capital and by helping to build strong operational teams.

Leadership spotlight: Steph Mui’s vision for collective investment at PIN

Steph Mui, Founder and CEO of PIN, brings a passion for democratizing investment opportunities into her leadership role. Having earned her MBA from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business, Steph’s venture into the investment world started with the co-founding of GSB 2020, an investment club that successfully raised $1.5 million from 175 classmates to facilitate early-stage investments with minimal barriers to entry. At PIN, she extends this collaborative investment model to broader communities, helping to empower them to invest collectively in startups. You can learn more about PIN by following the platform on X/Twitter @getpinxyz and LinkedIn @pinxyz, and by visiting


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