This year has been chock-full of conferences – and we love it! Conferences are a great place to meet industry leaders and learn about the newest developments and insights. Just recently, we were in good ol’ Brew City Milwaukee to rep .College at the annual HighEdWeb conference.

HighEdWeb brings together all types of higher education professionals to explore unique web issues that colleges and universities face. Topics ranged from technology in education all the way to using Snapchat as a marketing tool!

Digital strategy takes the cake

Digital strategy was a hot topic at HighEdWeb. Since a university’s website is typically the first point of contact for prospective students and parents, it wasn’t surprising to learn that 78% of seniors said websites make a difference in how they view a university!

To capture the attention of these students in this digital age, HighEdWeb sessions focused on website redesign strategies, like having a cohesive message across all schools, utilizing video content, and analyzing web traffic. Revamping a school’s website and digital presence is a great way to engage with students, alumni, and the communities around them. Has your school gone through a rebranding recently?

What’s next for us?

We’re off on a Eurotrip to meet our business partners at the ICANN Conference in Dublin, and will be zipping back to the states for one of the biggest ed tech conferences in the nation. We have some special goodies for this one, so make sure to check back to find out what they are!

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