Just yesterday, .College domains were released globally. You heard right – now any business, organization, or individual can register their own .College domain. It’s only the second day of general availability and .College domains have been flying off the shelves! We’re seeing great keyword domains getting snagged left and right:

  • WebDesign.College
  • ComputerScience.College
  • Drama.College
  • DogTraining.College
  • Cosplay.College
  • Automotive.College
  • Biotechnology.College
  • Scuba.College
  • SpringBreak.College
  • Robotics.College

How can an individual or business use a .College domain?

Do you consider yourself an excellent chef? How about a domain like CookingTips.College to showcase your recipes or photos of your cooking ventures. Or if you’re an arts and craft fan, you can use DoItYourself.College to build a community of DIY lovers sharing how to’s, best practices, and testimonials for fun projects. 

Brands and businesses can use .College domains, too. With a .College web address, you’ll get immediate recognition as a college-related site or campaign and attract your target market. It’s perfect for recruiting or marketing to college students, or even as an online hub for employee training.

We can’t wait to see what types of innovative uses #GenXYZ will bring to .College. Did I hear someone say SportsHighlights.College?

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