The hilarious, ever-popular HBO series that captures startup culture, Silicon Valley, hit an all-time high last night with 2.1 million viewers. Are you a Silicon Valley fan?

If you are, then you already know. (And if you are but haven’t caught-up on last night’s episode, spoiler alert!)

For a little bit of background, Silicon Valley is a comedy series that takes a satirical look at the tech industry and startup culture. The main storyline involves the dynamic between Pied Piper, an up-and-coming underdog startup with an amazing product, and Hooli, a Google or Oracle-like tech giant.

In last night’s episode, Hooli extravagantly announced its most innovative, groundbreaking “moonshot” new division, HooliXYZ. And what is HooliXYZ’s website? That’s right –!

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 9.30.30 AM

If you haven’t already, visit to learn more about Hooli’s “experimental division” and its team of XYZeniuses. Their ultra innovative projects in the pipeline include self-driving cars, flying cars, self-flying cars, and even a cure for AIDs.

What do you think of HooliXYZ and their appointment of Nelson as the “Co-Head Dreamer”? Total marketing move, right?


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