With .xyz, we’re all about supporting online communities where people can come together and share their ideas, regardless of age or location. This week’s #WebsiteWednesday exemplifies exactly this with their .xyz site.

MUMS.xyzUniregistry customer (United Kingdom)

Across the pond in the UK, a team of passionate mothers has dedicated as an online resource for parents to turn to each other for advice. Covering everything from the latest educational toys, to fashionable sportswear for the moms (even special discount codes), this parenting blog connects mothers across the UK and supports them with advice, tips, and tricks.


“We envision becoming a big welcoming community, where mothers from all over the UK share their knowledge and experience, provide support and make each other feel safe and not lonely in a lifelong adventure that is parenthood”

said Emma who represents When asked how they chose their domain name, she shared:

“When choosing the domain name for our project, we felt that we needed something hip and fresh, something that would stand out and appeal to all generations at the same time.
We are proud to be the adopters of a .xyz domain name extension as it suits perfectly to our needs.”

Show your support for devoted mothers by voting for their cause at Virgin Media’s #PitchtoRich!

Winning #PitchtoRich will let reach out to even more mothers out there, and offer them the advice, help and support they need in the daily parenting life.

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