It sure has been a busy September, #GenXYZ. At the exact same time as ICANN’s GDD Summit in LA, the #XYZsquad was also in Beantown for INBOUND, the colossal marketing conference where over 10,000 people traveled from around the world to discuss the future of marketing. The keynote lineup with Seth Godin, Brene Brown, and Aziz Ansari, is telling enough of how INBOUND is the place-to-be for any savvy marketers.

So what was Team XYZ doing at INBOUND? With our trusty domain partner in crime, Rebel, the #XYZsquad hit the streets of Boston and the Convention Center to educate INBOUND’rs on the online marketing opportunities with .xyz and new domains. And a success, it was!

“[W]e felt people really resonated with what we’re doing and how we’re trying to change the domain industry. We loved partnering with XYZ on this event to keep things creative and fun”

  – Rebel

Did you miss out on the excitement of INBOUND? Catch a glimpse into the conference and watch the #XYZsquad in action:

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