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Eco-friendly and sustainability-focused businesses and organizations are establishing their online homes on .xyz domains. California-based non-profit organization is dedicated to promoting sustainability and social responsibility through the reuse of athletic shoes and other eco-focused initiatives. International award-winning architecture firm centers innovation and sustainability as the core components of their architectural projects. England-based non-profit organization is dedicated to helping young people realize their change-making potential in the face of climate change. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to multi-platinum hip-hop artist Snoop Dogg’s latest business venture, a certified organic coffee brand:

Introducing Snoop Dogg’s coffee brand from Indonesia is the online home of INDOxyz, a new premium coffee brand from Grammy-nominated rapper and entrepreneur Snoop Dogg. Inspired by a trip to Indonesia, INDOxyz is a collaboration with Indonesian coffee entrepreneur Michael Riady, and features locally-sourced beans from the Gayo region in Aceh on the island of Sumatra. states that the coffee is derived from certified organic, single origin Indonesian beans that are sustainably and collectively farmed. The brand’s emphasis on locally-sourced beans and collaboration with Indonesian entrepreneurs suggests a commitment to promoting sustainable and ethical coffee production. As Snoop explained in the press, “My relationship with coffee goes way back. The many long nights in the studio making hit after hit, coffee provided the fuel which kept us going.”1

Sourcing beans and emphasizing sustainability in INDOxyz coffee

Indonesia is a top global producer of coffee, with coffee cultivation beginning during the Dutch colonial period in the late 1600s. INDOxyz’s coffee beans are sourced from the Indonesian islands of Bali, Java, Sulawesi, and Sumatra. The green beans are roasted in Los Angeles, before being either packaged as INDOxyz’s single-origin whole bean coffee, or brewed and canned. Residents of California can currently visit the Shop page to order a bag of the Sumatra Gayo whole bean coffee or cans of organic cold brew. After the initial limited rollout, the brand intends to make their products available nationwide. 

Empowering culture drivers and ownership mentality

INDOxyz is aimed at empowering tomorrow’s culture drivers with the world’s best coffee. states: “You are an owner. Own your actions. Own yourself. And you can own your outcome. We at INDOxyz are owners and we want you to claim your right to ownership too.” The website previews The Owner Series, an upcoming blog series focusing on aspiring individuals who put their all into what they create. The first installment of this series will feature violinist, singer, and DJ Esther Anaya. Website visitors are invited to share their own aspiring story to be featured on the series.

Snoop Dogg &

INDOxyz isn’t Snoop Dogg’s first experience with .xyz. In March 2022, Snoop Dogg became the 65th artist onboarded to, releasing 1,000 limited edition NFTs of his mix “Death Row Mix: Vol. 1.” The collection sold out on the same day. His latest music NFT, titled “XYZ,” released on February 3, 2023 and sold out within 4 days. We are inspired by Snoop’s innovative diversification, his mission of empowerment, and his interest in ethical coffee production. We look forward to seeing how this innovative brand develops. You can learn more by following the brand on Twitter and Instagram, and by visiting


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