In this XYZ Quarterly we’ll cover seven design tips that can help you create a mobile-friendly website. We’ll also provide a recap of XYZ’s Q1 2023 activity.
Seven tips for designing a mobile-friendly website

In today’s digital era, prioritizing the customer experience is becoming increasingly important. With so much competition online, it’s essential to understand your audience and design your website accordingly. This involves creating a website that is fast, secure, and easy to navigate.

By prioritizing the customer experience, you can improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. Satisfied customers are more likely to recommend your brand or website to others and become repeat customers themselves. They may also leave positive feedback, which can help attract new customers and build trust in your brand.

Focusing on meeting the needs of your audience and providing a positive online experience can help set you apart from the competition. Whether you’re developing a business, brand, or personal website, it’s essential to keep your audience in mind and design your website accordingly to maximize its impact.

That’s the reason this year’s XYZ Quarterly theme is Prioritizing the Customer Experience with .XYZ. Each quarter we will be sharing tips to help you design your website with your customers and website visitors in mind. Our focus will be on exploring techniques that can help you prioritize the customer experience.

To begin, this quarter we’ll be helping you take measures to design a mobile-friendly website. 

Making a website mobile-friendly is important in today’s digital landscape. With more and more people accessing the internet on their mobile devices, a website that is not optimized for mobile can result in a poor user experience and lost business. Prioritizing mobile-friendliness can improve user engagement, satisfaction, and ultimately drive growth. We’ll offer you seven helpful tips that you can use to prioritize mobile-friendliness, as well as seven .xyz websites that serve as prime examples of these tips.

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Tip 1. Use responsive web design

Tip 1. Use responsive web design
Using responsive web design is helpful for providing a positive user experience across all devices. With so many people accessing websites on their smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers, it’s vital to ensure your website is optimized for each platform. A responsive design allows your website to adjust its layout and content based on the user’s screen size, ensuring a seamless experience no matter how someone accesses your website. This approach can help improve user engagement and reduce the risk of visitors abandoning your website. By prioritizing a responsive web design, you can make sure your website is accessible and engaging for all users, regardless of the device they use. is an example of a website that uses responsive web design that conforms and adjusts its layout based on your device and screen size. The online home of Stepping Stones Photography, a portrait and wedding photography service founded by Atlanta-based photographer Maggie Karanja, showcases photography for potential clients to review on the Portfolio page. Maggie shares Couples, Weddings, Portraits, and Lifestyle photography, all of which can help clients gain an appreciation of the full range of services that Maggie offers. The Lifestyle page features vibrant portraits and candid moments of happy families, smiling children, and pregnant couples in love. No matter the type of device you are using or the size of its screen, the pictures are presented cleanly and vividly. uses responsive web design that helps to ensure a seamless experience no matter how the website is accessed. 

Optimizing your website with responsive design can provide a seamless user experience across all devices, making it easier for customers to engage with your brand. With more people accessing the internet on their mobile devices than ever before, ensuring your website is mobile-friendly is key to improving customer satisfaction and retention.

💡Bonus Tip

While responsive web design allows for optimal viewing and usability across various devices, an accompanying mobile app can offer an even more substantial streamlined and optimized user experience. Mobile apps have a variety of customer-focused features like push notifications, offline access, and the ability to use device-specific features like cameras and GPS. If your customers are on the go and use their mobile devices frequently, offering a dedicated app can help increase your brand visibility and loyalty.

Check out .xyz community members like NFT platform, trading card platform, and social crypto wallet for examples of  websites with accompanying mobile apps.


Tip 2. Optimize images

Tip 2. Optimize images
You can make your website load faster by optimizing the size of images, which is helpful for users who may have limited mobile data plans or slower internet speeds. Optimized images can also influence SEO, as search engines consider website speed as a ranking factor. Images with accurate alt tags not only improve the experience on assistive devices, but can also contribute to additional organic traffic via Google Images. Additionally, users are more likely to engage with websites that have high-quality images, so optimizing images can enhance the overall user experience and encourage visitors to stay on your site longer. 

There are a few ways to optimize images for your website:

  • Compress the images: Compressing images reduces their file size without compromising their quality, which makes them load faster on your website. There are various tools available that can compress your images without affecting their quality.
  • Resize the images: You can ensure that the images you use on your website are appropriately sized, as large images can slow down your website’s loading time. You can use image editing software or online tools to resize your images to the correct dimensions for your website.
  • Choose the right image format: Your choice of image format can also affect the loading speed of your website. JPEG is a popular image format that offers a good balance between quality and file size, while PNG is suitable for images that require a transparent background. WebP is a recent image format that was developed by Google. WebP can reduce the file size of images by up to 80% while maintaining their quality, which means that your website can load faster without sacrificing the visual appeal of your images.
  • Optimize the image file name and alt text: You can use descriptive and relevant file names for your images and add alt text, which helps search engines understand what the image is about. 

By prioritizing image optimization, you can make your website faster and more user-friendly. is the visually engaging personal website of London-based artist Adam Latham. Adam’s artwork and business projects are showcased in an organized manner for easy navigation. The website’s colorful homepage features a grid of Adam’s artwork that can be viewed by category, such as paintings and posters.

By optimizing his images, Adam has enhanced the mobile-friendliness of He is using the Wix website builder, which automatically converts images to WebP format, resulting in compressed and resized images that maintain their quality while occupying less space on the website. As a result, visitors can enjoy a seamless user experience and quick load times when browsing Adam’s eye-catching collection of artwork and projects. From his EIEO Ltd publishing project to his Commercial Work for various brands, Adam’s website offers a broad view of his creative talents, making it easy for potential collaborators and clients to appreciate his skills and consider working with him.

Optimizing images on your website is important for improving mobile-friendliness, user experience, and SEO. Properly sized and compressed images can enhance site speed and make it easier for mobile users to navigate your website, which can lead to improved customer satisfaction.

Tip 3. Simplify navigation

Tip 3. Simplify navigation
Clear and concise navigation helps users to quickly find what they are searching for and reduces the need for scrolling, which can lead to frustration, especially on mobile devices. Additionally, simplified navigation can make your website more accessible to users with disabilities or those using assistive technology. Mobile-friendly navigation can also improve SEO, as search engines increasingly prioritize mobile-friendly websites in search results. By prioritizing clear and concise navigation on your mobile-friendly website, you can improve the user experience of your site. is an alternative asset platform for those looking to research, trade, and securely store high-value collectible trading cards. The platform, which can be accessed on desktop, tablet, mobile, or mobile app, originated with a sports card focus but has grown to include non-sports collectible cards, such as Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh gaming cards. To help provide a seamless and user-friendly experience, implements clear and concise navigation that can help users quickly find what they are searching for.

The innovative platform has implemented an intuitive menu system to streamline user navigation.‘s menu is easy to understand and quickly directs visitors to the information they seek. The main menu includes six options: Buy, Sell, Borrow, Vault, About, and Help. 

  • Buy directs visitors to the Fixed Price marketplace and bi-weekly auctions, which feature a curated selection of trading cards. 
  • Sell helps visitors reach a broad audience of collectors across multiple marketplaces in hopes of making a sale. 
  • Borrow helps visitors experience the platform’s new lending service called Alt Advance, which helps collectors borrow up to 40% of their portfolio’s value for up to 12 months. 
  • The Vault menu option helps visitors utilize the platform’s free trading card storage system. 
  • The About menu option provides visitors with the option to learn more about the Company, review available Career opportunities, and to read the organization’s Blog

The Help menu option directs visitors to a dedicated Support website with clickable categories such as Getting Started, Fixed Price, Liquid Auctions, and much more.

Overall,‘s clear and concise navigation ensures a seamless and enjoyable user experience for trading card enthusiasts seeking to explore purchase, trading, and storage options.

Making navigation simple and user-friendly is helpful for enhancing mobile-friendliness and customer experience on your website. By implementing a streamlined navigation structure, you can make it easier for mobile users to find the content they need. This can optimize the time customers spend on your site, creating a positive association with your brand.

Tip 4. Choose a domain name that is easy to spell and type

Tip 4. Choose a domain name that is easy to spell and type
Having a memorable domain name that is easy to type is helpful for ensuring a positive mobile user experience. Make sure your domain name passes the radio test; if someone heard it aloud on the radio or a podcast or in conversation, is it memorable and easy to spell and type into their mobile device? By choosing a simple and memorable domain name, you make it easy for users to find and return to your website, especially on their mobile devices. is a great example of a memorable domain name that is easy to type, and it is well-suited to ensuring a positive mobile user experience. This blockchain software development company strives to leverage new blockchain technology to advance global economic freedom. is working in partnership with the blockchain network, a secure and programmable decentralized access control layer to all of web3, to build cross-chain wallet infrastructure. Their aim is to empower developers with the foundational components for new wallet APIs and protocols to provide seamless experiences for their customers. 

The domain name is short, catchy, and easy to remember, making it a mobile-friendly domain name. It’s worth noting that is a 3-character domain name, which is a highly sought-after domain name length due to its short and catchy nature. Many 3-character premium .xyz domain names are still available, and many standard priced domains are still available in XYZ Registry domain extensions, such as .Game, .LOL, and .Quest. Find yours before they’re all gone. By choosing a simple and memorable domain name like, website owners can make it easy for users to find and return to their website on their mobile devices. When users can easily remember a website’s domain name, they are more likely to return to it, which can help to improve engagement and retention rates.

Utilizing memorable and easy-to-type domain names can create a more mobile-friendly website by streamlining customer access on different devices. You can spark joy in the customer experience by making it a breeze to visit, re-visit, and share your website with a snappy domain name.

Tip 5. Design for touch

Tip 5. Design for touch
Designing for touch on mobile devices can greatly enhance the user experience and usability of your website. As mobile devices are primarily operated using touch, it is helpful to design with this in mind. Using larger buttons and ensuring adequate spacing between elements can prevent accidental clicks and improve the overall usability of your website. Additionally, designing for touch can improve accessibility for users with disabilities or those using assistive technology. Designing for touch can also enhance the visual appeal and aesthetics of your mobile-friendly website, which can drive engagement. Engagement refers to how much users interact with and enjoy a website. The more engaging a website is, the more likely users are to stay on it, explore different pages, and take desired actions. This can lead to increased brand loyalty and stronger user satisfaction. Designing for touch on mobile devices can make your website more user-friendly, which can improve engagement levels. is an example of a website that appears to be designed for touch. Web3 community platform aims to embrace all web3 creators, including underrepresented groups in web3 like women, LGBTQ+ folks, non-native English speakers, and people with various racial and ethnic backgrounds.’s mobile and tablet design is optimized for touch, making it easy for users to navigate and interact with the site on their smartphones or tablets. The use of larger buttons and adequate spacing between elements helps prevent accidental clicks and improves the overall user experience. features a big and colorful Sign In button, which makes it easy for visitors to get started. The platform also provides an easy-to-read menu of “Diverse Creators” so visitors can easily explore and support the creators they wish to celebrate, including Woman Artist, LGBTQIA+ Artist, Artist with Chronic Conditions, and more.

This design strategy aligns with their goal of creating a platform that is welcoming and accessible to all. The platform’s commitment to inclusivity is reflected not only in the design of the site, but also in the content and community it fosters. is a community hub for web3 creators from all walks of life, and their goal is to create an “inclusiverse” where everyone can share their perspectives and ideas. By creating a space where diverse voices are heard and respected, is helping to promote equity and inclusion in the web3 space.

Designing for mobile devices with touch-friendly features can greatly enhance the user experience by improving usability and accessibility. Prioritizing this aspect can help ensure that customers have a positive experience while using your mobile platform.

Tip 6. Promote your social media handles and contact information

Tip 6. Promote your social media handles and contact information
Incorporating social media and contact information on your mobile-friendly website can help improve user engagement and accessibility. Including social media icons and links to your profiles can encourage users to follow and engage with your brand on multiple platforms, increasing brand visibility and awareness. Additionally, prominently displaying your contact information, such as your business’s phone number and email address, can make it easy for users to get in touch with you, improving accessibility and customer service. is the personal website of self-described “Doctor/Political Satirist/Vegan” Bassem Youssef. Fans of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and ​​The Late Show with Stephen Colbert may be familiar with Los Angeles-based Bassem, an occasional guest who shared his views on various U.S. affairs. In his home country of Egypt, Bassem was the host of his own satirical program, Al-Bernameg (where he acquired recognition as the ‘Jon Stewart of the Arab World’). 

Bassem’s website features a Contact page that provides visitors with various ways to get in touch with him, including phone numbers for his management office, an email address for business inquiries, and links to all of his social media profiles. By prominently displaying this information on his website, makes it easy for potential collaborators or fans to connect with him, especially while they are already on their mobile device. This accessibility is helpful in today’s fast-paced digital world, where people expect instant gratification and quick responses to their inquiries. By ensuring that the website is easy to navigate and the contact details are easily visible and accessible, caters to the needs of his mobile audience.

Customers appreciate having multiple ways to discover or interact with your brand. Including social media and contact information on your mobile-friendly website can increase user engagement and facilitate growth by prioritizing the customer experience.

Tip 7. Use security measures like SSL / HTTPS

Tip 7. Use security measures like SSL / HTTPS
To help ensure your website is mobile-friendly by being secure, add an SSL certificate and ensure your site loads only over HTTPS. It is important to consider that when you use your phone or tablet to access public Wi-Fi, there could be hackers or bad actors aiming to steal your information on those networks.  Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) uses the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols to encrypt the data that is being transmitted, keeping users’ information safe. By prioritizing website security in your mobile-friendly design, you can build trust with your users by protecting their information. Search engines also prioritize secure websites in search results, making website security increasingly important for SEO rankings. is a web3 ticketing platform from Argentine airline Flybondi. The airline has partnered with blockchain technology company TravelX to develop their innovative ticketing platform. helps buyers purchase tickets as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which they have named “NFTickets.”

The platform has taken extra measures to ensure its website is mobile-friendly and secure for its customers. To protect its users’ sensitive information, has implemented SSL encryption. SSL is a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This encryption helps protect sensitive information such as credit card details and personal information from being intercepted by hackers or other malicious entities.‘s mobile-friendly website design ensures that users can easily access and navigate the website on their smartphones or tablets. This is especially helpful for customers who are on-the-go and wish to quickly book their airline tickets. By prioritizing website security in its mobile-friendly design, is building trust with its users, protecting their information and ultimately driving engagement. accepts both crypto and fiat credit cards for purchases, providing customers with a wide range of payment options. The platform offers added convenience for online airline ticket booking, with a website design that is both secure and mobile-friendly. This may help customers feel more confident about their transactions.

Incorporating security features into your mobile-friendly design can boost user trust and confidence, and it prioritizes the customer experience by enhancing the protection of sensitive information.


In today’s digital landscape, having a mobile-friendly website can help your website standout from the crowd. With the majority of internet users accessing websites on their mobile devices, prioritizing mobile-friendliness can enhance user engagement, satisfaction, and drive business growth. Following the examples of the seven .xyz websites above can help equip you to design a mobile-friendly website of your own.

XYZ Q1 2023 Quarterly Recap

For XYZ, Q1 2023 was filled with innovation and accomplishment. We continue to see growth and innovation from the .xyz blockchain community with emerging platforms like and We also see big names and notable influencers embracing .xyz domains, like the legendary Snoop Dogg releasing a song titled “XYZ” on, as well as a new Indonesian coffee brand on XYZ continued to support an increasing number of hackathons, with 81 inspiring organizations participating this quarter. Here’s a closer look at our accomplishments this past quarter.

XYZ Registry domains all around the world

XYZ Registry domains all around the world
We continue to see distinctive projects from across the globe developed on XYZ domains. Brands, businesses, and individuals from all over are using our diverse set of 34 domain endings in the XYZ family (ie. .xyz, .Quest, .LOL, and .Lat) to develop their online presence. 

Here are some of the inspiring websites we recognized this quarter:

  • Massachusetts-based student-led organization strives to help create innovative life sciences companies. 
  • Las Vegas-based beauty marketplace Amina.Beauty showcases their collection of makeup, skincare, and eyelash products.
  • Latin America-based appliances brand CafeAppliances.Lat highlights their technology-driven kitchen equipment.
  • India-based tech startup Zero21.Autos aims to disrupt 3-wheeler transportation with the introduction of innovative, low-carbon solutions. 
  • Switzerland-based design agency Form.Quest helps clients seeking branding, product, and packaging design.   
  • Tel Aviv-based platform Axiom.Security aims to help Dev, Sec, and Ops teams manage user permissions for Cloud and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications.
  • Italy-based electric scooter rental platform Mio.Rent aims to help reduce traffic congestion and CO2 emissions by providing people with an alternative to cars.
  • England-based secondary school Uckfield.College aims to help everyone in their community lead fulfilled and purpose-driven lives. 
  • Ontario-based hairstylist Alchemy.Hair showcases her hair services to prospective clients, including razor cuts, bang trims, and genderless pricing. 
  • London-based custom skincare subscription service Klira.Skin offers an online diagnostic test to help create a list of products curated for your skin type. 
  • Spain-based makeup artist NancyMunguia.Makeup highlights her services to prospective clients. 
  • Argentina-based philosophy researcher ArielRoffe.Quest showcases his career experience in the form of an 8-bit exploration game. 
  • Texas-based home remodeling company Manna.Homes promotes their services and connects with clients in the Kingwood area. 
  • Germany-based Motorcycle enthusiast Ben Cyprian uses Ben.Motorcycles for his personal website.
  • Texas-based physician and car reviewer Steve.Autos shares his vehicle reviews.
  • Netherlands-based Campi.Boats promotes their sustainably built houseboats.
  • Yacht services company PortToPort.Yachts highlights their services including yacht management, and crew needs.
  • China-based automobile data platform So.Car integrates data from the automotive industry, market analysis, and insights from industry experts.
  • England-based vehicle management platform Regit.Cars helps customers buy, sell, and maintain their cars.
  • Michigan-based automotive cybersecurity and data management platform Upstream.Auto aims to enhance connected vehicle cybersecurity and data management.
  • UK-based venue Electric.Theatre showcases their theatrical and music performances.
  • Spain-based storage unit platform Kipp.Storage shares vacant storage spaces for short or long-term rent.
  • US-based education platform Algo.Monster aims to help you prepare for technical interviews. 
  • North Carolina-based Momi.Baby promotes their carefully designed baby bottle.
  • Australia-based ticket platform Ferve.Tickets provides ticketing solutions aimed to help you grow your audience. 
  • Metaverse-based coordination game Mochi.Game helps you set your own personal goals and report on your progress towards them. 
  • Austria-based guitar maker Bite.Guitars builds custom bass guitars for professional and amateur musicians.
  • London-based audio technology company Iris.Audio offers software solutions designed to harness the science of sound to improve how people experience audio across all digital platforms.
  • Belgium-based Christmas boutique RoyalThings.Christmas showcases Christmas decorations and floral creations.
  • Norway-based digital nutrition platform Anti.Diet is focused on providing personalized nutrition advice and recommendations based on your unique health, wellness goals, and weight progress.
  • Berlin-based remote meetings platform Timz.Flowers uses AI, video conferencing, and async meetings to help distributed teams stay productive.
  • Iceland-based web hosting provider 1984.Hosting claims to utilize enterprise-level hardware in highly secure Icelandic data centers.
  • Germany-based digital solution Extract.Pics helps you to extract, view and download images from any public website. 
  • Texas-based blog Unbreakable.Mom aims to empower single mothers to achieve balance, identity, and self-fulfillment.
  • Netherlands-based design and architecture studio Cookies.LOL focuses on combining art and architecture.

Creators, innovators, and imaginative brands have 34 versatile domain extensions to choose from within the XYZ family. Join the movement – register your own domain today!


Each Wednesday we proudly feature a #WebsiteWednesday spotlight on an exciting and creative member of the .xyz community. Skilled artists and talented developers continue to build well-organized portfolio and personal websites on .xyz domains. We highlighted some inspiring creatives:

  • is the personal website of New York Times video journalist Gabriella Lewis.
  • is the personal website of Montreal-based abstract artist Octavious Jones.
  • is the personal website of Owen Moore, a Canadian artist with a degree in Interactive Multimedia Design. 

Businesses and organizations of all sizes are building their online homes on .xyz domains. Here are a few that we’ve shared:

  • is a Portland-based branding agency led by Allison Henry Aver, former Creative Director of Ann Inc.
  • is a content writing business led by former Apple editor Elizabeth Brefus.
  • is a production company based in Los Angeles, New York, and London, and led by film producers Patrick Milling-Smith and Brian Carmody.  



Each Thursday, we now feature a #BlockchainThursday spotlight on many of the exciting projects coming from the .xyz community of web3 pioneers.

We shared an assortment of web3-based platforms, including:

  • is a web3 platform that aims to help NFT collectors track their portfolio across multiple blockchains, and find the best deal across popular NFT marketplaces.
  • is a smart contract auditing platform that aims to help protect users of DeFi platforms.
  • is a media platform designed to explore the impact of blockchains, the metaverse, artificial intelligence, and the changing evolution of the internet. 

Blockchain-focused businesses are establishing their online homes on .xyz domains. Here’s a few that we’ve shared:

  • is a tech startup developing a decentralized communication protocol and a crypto-native app for crypto communities, creators, and DAOs.
  • is a blockchain software development company aimed at leveraging new blockchain technology to advance global economic freedom.
  • Immortal.Game is a tech startup introducing the game of chess to web3 through the implementation of NFTs, a marketplace, and play-to-earn (P2E) rewards.

We look forward to highlighting many more web3 platforms, NFT projects, blockchain-focused business, and more in the year to come. Be sure not to miss a single installment of  #BlockchainThursday!

XYZ Registry Domains Report is a winner

XYZ Registry Domains Report
The XYZ Registry Domains Report shares highlights and trends in premium sales and aftermarket activity. Since introducing the XYZ Registry Domains Report at the end of 2021, this insightful report has become one of our most popular features. 

Each month, you can unlock exciting trends such as the leading SLD keywords in .xyz registrations, highest reported premium and aftermarket sales, the most popular TLDs in premium registrations, and more. You can read powerful testimonials from registrants of premium and aftermarket sales and learn about their inspiration for building on .xyz domains. You will also discover which notable influencers are embracing .xyz domains and which XYZ blockchain pioneers are securing seed funding. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss a single XYZ Registry Domains Report.

In addition to over 200 partnerships with registrars and retailers, we engaged in some new creative endeavors. Check out more about our enriching new partnerships and our growing support of global hackathons.

SuperHi partnership

SuperHi partnership
SuperHi is an online education platform that teaches code, design, and project management. Through our unique partnership, we can help the platform’s growing community of creatives and educators to develop their online presence on .xyz domains.

TAIKAI partnership

TAIKAI is a hackathon management platform that provides tools to run a successful event, including project management and online registration. Our exciting partnership enables us to support even more aspiring coders as they present their solutions to a global audience on their own .xyz domains.

XYZ provides domains for participants at 81 hackathons around the world

XYZ provides domains for participants at 81 hackathons around the world
XYZ helped support participants at 81 hackathons in the start of 2023! Inspired coders received .xyz domains to help encourage them to develop their creative ideas online. Many hackathons were held virtually, while others took place throughout the world:

SheBuilds, HackNITR4.0,Git Init 2023, Byte the Web, SharkTank 3.0, Treasure Hacks 3.0, #FIRE, DevHack, Hackanova 2.0, ZANCUDO, III (Interrupt Innovate Iterate), UofTHacks X, Bit n Build Hackathon, HackEnvision, Incubator Project, PWoC ( PEC Winter of Code), LNMHacks 5.0, QHacks 2023, Ingenious Hackathon 4.0, Hello Cloud, Cryptic Hunt, MSET health hackathon, Sampurna, CODE HACK 2023, Hack This Fall 3.0, Shoonya 4.0, Zero Hour, Coding Your Future x Coppell HS Hackathon, HackTU 4.0, CHEMISERY 2.0, Where The Flag (WTF), Eclipse 3.0, HACKGLB, HackNSUT’23, Innoverse, Hack JMI, Northern California Hacks, ERROR 404, REVERSE ENGINEERING, CREATE UP, justCode Hacks, JGEC Winter of Code, Codebreak, Hackathon 7.0, HackNiche, Design Hackathon, Bay Area Hacks, BUILD’23, MOZOFEST, Makeathon 5.0, #WomenInTech Meetup Event, BeachHacks, Magnolia HackHers 1.0, Web3 Init, YRHacks, Hackvengers, I2C2 Hackathon, HackBeats Green Tech, HackLah!, Innerve, LOC 5.0 (Lines of Code), Mountain View Hacks, ETHPorto, CodeFest 2023, Bytecamp’23, Reckon 4.0, HackFormers, AtomHacks IX Hackathon, Mountain Hacks, amBITion, BuildSV, Refactorize, Hack36, GDSC Wow, MapleHacks, hackEDCode, HackBIOS, BVEST, Solution Sprint, Innovation Invasion, Hache, Basant, Google Week

We take great pride in helping participants showcase their ideas and solutions to a worldwide audience on their own .xyz domains. If you’re interested in registering your hackathon with XYZ to help the next generation of internet users build the future of tech, contact us today!

XYZ is excited for the possibilities still ahead in 2023. We have every intention to continue helping the next generation of internet users create a strong online presence. Stay in the know by subscribing to our newsletter, and following us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

XYZ is proud to share about the many incredible members that make up the XYZ community! We encourage you to do your own research before using the products and services of the websites we feature. The information about products and services contained in this blog post does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by XYZ.

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